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Ron LeGrand – Lead Selling Machine



Ron LeGrand – Lead Selling Machine
Ron LeGrand – Lead Selling Machine



You Can Now Make A Six-Figure Income Off These Same Leads We’ve Been Throwing Away!I’ll prove it to you in a minute as the plot unfolds. 

For about 3 years, I’ve been telling folks in my Massive Income Strategies Boot Camp and, lately, my Quick Turn Schools about how they can sell these leads and make good money. However, I saw few doing it for two good reasons I think.

They had to go knock on business doors and sell the leads or get someone to do it for them, and the machine didn’t exist to warehouse the leads and deliver to these businesses weekly and collect the money. Now It Does!

Here’s what you should know about businesses…they all have to pay to acquire customers in one way or another. Some pay much more than others because their transactional values are higher, such as Realtors® and mortgage brokers who collect several thousand from each customer upon sale. There are hundreds more who pay dearly such as alarm companies, contractors, direct sales companies, moving companies and many others. Some pay $250 or more for a qualified lead.

A qualified lead is one with more info than a name and phone number. The prospect may have shown interest in particular products or services based on previous buying habits or questions they answered when asked…

Just Like They Do Every Time They Call You With A House For Sale!

Every time you order something, anything, even free stuff on the internet, your information is collected and sold to many industries for big money. That’s why you get so much spam.

If you live, consume products and services of any kind, anywhere in the world, your information is being sold to others. There’s nothing you can do to stop it, no legislation will prevent it, and whether you like it or not, it’s a reality. You can either get upset and get over it, or you can use it to your advantage and create a huge income stream. I guess you can do both.

When I started this program, the plan was to get $25 for each lead from Realtors® and mortgage brokers and a few others, but that plan has evolved into a better one even though several students have reported success in getting even more.

Simple logic and math would tell you that’s a bargain for them. If a Realtor® buys 20 leads of people with an unlisted house for sale and pays $500 at $25 each, he/she can list and sell only one house out of twenty and get thousands in commission, even if they list and another agent sells. That’s not a hard sell to an agent with a little savvy and a few bucks to work with.

But now there’s a better way, and we will never meet the agent or any other buyer or even talk with them on the phone. That’s too much work, and I know you’re against that.

Here’s what this system has morphed into after several discussions with my team and numerous hours of staff time. I’ll lay it out step by step, then we’ll see what it’s worth.
Step 1 Generate leads and drive to a voice mail system. It takes the calls 24 hours/day. There are several good ways to get the sellers to call, and the voice mail only needs to capture the names and phone numbers. We’ll discuss my methods in a minute.
Step 2 Call all leads and complete the property info sheet I’ve designed, which captures all the house info and contains a script to get the prospects to continue to answer yes or no questions other businesses would like to have. Here is the script and some examples of questions you might ask for your potential lead buyers:

Okay, my boss will be calling you back about your home today or tomorrow, but before I go, we’ve teamed up with several business in your area who’d like to give you free products and services on groceries, restaurants of all kinds, home services and other special offers in an effort to earn your business and provide services you’ll probably need if you’re selling your home and even if you’re not. Would you like hundreds of dollars in free stuff?

* Do you need an appraiser to value your home or another?
* Do you need to have your carpets cleaned?
* Does your hose need to be pressure washed?
* Do you need a house cleaning service?
* Do you need a handyman or contractor to do any repairs?
* Do you need a window cleaning service?
* Do you need a moving company?

Every time you get a yes answer to any of these questions, or others you add, it’s worth $10  to $50 to your local business who’ll opt in to buy the lead from you. You’ll get someone else to do this once or twice a week, or you can do it yourself.
Step 3 Do an e-mail blast to all the businesses in your city to drive them to your new lead-selling website to see how they can buy these leads for $10.00 to $50.00 each. They’ll see a blank property info sheet, less the mortgage info, and know exactly what they will be buying, how to buy and then they will fill out a short form giving you their credit card info and permission to charge for X amount of leads each week. The site sells them on why they should buy leads and does the selling for you.
Step 4 Press send when you’re ready to get paid, and the system dispatches the same leads to all your vendors and charges their card and drops the money in your account. You won’t talk with anyone or sell anything.






Ron LeGrand – Lead Selling Machine


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