Ron LeGrand – Pretty House Terms Cash Flow System

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Ron LeGrand – Pretty House Terms Cash Flow System


Ron LeGrand – Pretty House Terms Cash Flow System
Ron LeGrand – Pretty House Terms Cash Flow System

Here’s The Fastest And Easiest Ways To Make A Killing In Real Estate Today… Without Using Your Money Or Credit… And Build A Substantial 5-Figure Monthly Passive Income

The system includes:
– How to work with higher priced houses and totally avoid risk or the fear of making monthly payments you can’t afford. The higher the price the higher the profit.
– A step-by-step start up plan designed for beginners who’ve never bought a house in their life.
– There are two CDs in this system where I interview real sellers and you get to hear both sides of the conversation. You’ll tune in while I pre-screen the sellers and when I hang up I discuss whether I would go see the house or not. If it’s a go, I cover what kind of offers I’d make based on what the seller told me. If they pass my pre-screening test, I’ll go see the house. If not, why bother? The real art is in the pre-screening and knowing what to ask. It’s a 20-year craft I’ve perfected loaded with magic words that get results. You’ll get it all, complete with proven tested scripts to follow. You don’t need to create or write anything. I’ve done it all for you. Just follow each step I’ve laid out and watch it work. It’s literally dot-to-dot.
– How to use land contracts and wrap-around mortgages to buy and sell and why they should be in every real estate entrepreneur’s toolbox.
– 10 things that tell you it’s a deal…before you even see the house!
– How to create solutions for houses with little or no equity that are financed sometimes even over 100%, and create tremendous profit centers for you while getting the seller out of a home nobody else can buy.
– How to eliminate banks from your life forever so you’ll never be at the mercy of a loan committee.
– How to create the most flexible financing there is with no banks or personal liability and create tremendous income streams for you.
– How to set up immediate income, monthly cash flow, and a final payday all from the same deal.
– Low-cost marketing techniques to attract motivated sellers to call you and pre-screening tools so you only deal with the most motivated of the batch. And how to pre-screen them in less than two minutes.
– The secret question to ask every seller to get to their bottom line price instantly.
– How to structure your sale to create enormous incoming payments and cash flow and eliminate defaults and risks.
– How to attract dozens of motivated buyers who can’t qualify at the bank, but are excellent prospects for your no qualifying financing.
– The most common mistakes for all investors to avoid when buying and selling.
– Looking for a home for your family? Most of my students find their dream home while doing deals with no money out of pocket, no credit, no personal guarantee, no qualifying, no banks, and no committees.
– How to take control and start the cash flow with no risk or investment and make huge profits on nice houses even when you pay almost full retail price.
– How to profit from any house, regardless of the underlying financing.
– How to control lovely homes in beautiful neighborhoods in any market in North America without ever owning them, buying them, borrowing money, or incurring risk.
– How to solve sellers’ problems when Realtors, attorneys, and other real estate investors don’t have a clue.
– Why properties sometimes financed at 90% to 120% are your absolute best deals and give you the best paydays.
– How to handle and overcome all common seller objections.
– How to build credibility and confidence with your seller from day one even if you’re new.
– How to make sure you won’t have to make a monthly payment out of your pocket and never worry about risk again.

Here’s what you’ll learn about selling houses fast in any market:
– How to set the house up to show itself with no human intervention so you’ll never have to risk your life and waste your time meeting prospects.
– How to match the house to the buyer and quit looking for perfect prospects.
– Why cashing out immediately is the most costly exit you could pick and cuts your profits in half, and how to fix it and still have a huge cash flow.
– I’ll hand you guerrilla marketing techniques you can use on a paupers budget to drive in a herd of buyers within 2 days. Your entire cost to sell a house should be less than two hundred dollars.
– How to capture all incoming calls and never talk to anyone until they’ve seen the house, fall in love with it, have been instructed how to buy and what to do next, filled out an application and submitted it to you on a website we will provide and get set up for you in 5 days.
– The fastest, cheapest and best methods to find buyers in order of value – They’re all free.
– What signs are the most effective and why mine get three times the results of others.
– How to get all kinds of cool stuff free as part of the buyers down payment to you. A free Harley is better than one you pay for and your wife will love you for all the new jewelry she’ll get that you’ll never have to buy. How about a boat or RV? I and some of my students get a lot of free stuff as part of their down payment on houses we get with no cash out of pocket.

You’ll also learn:
– How to handle the taxes and insurance and who should collect them and why. It isn’t you.
– When you should never put someone in your house.
– How to make your buyers the best source of buyers for your next house. Most of my houses are sold to friends or relatives of previous buyers.
– How to get a financial commitment from a pre-screened buyer without taking your house off the market. A special agreement I use will allow you to process five buyers on one house with no commitment to any of them. You get to pick and choose the best. If I’d had this agreement 20 years ago it would have saved me a lot of grief.
– The 6 steps to getting your buyer to the closing table whether you’re selling with lease purchase or owner financing.





Ron LeGrand – Pretty House Terms Cash Flow System

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