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Ross Jeffries – The New Code
Ross Jeffries – The New Code


“Who Else Wants To Enjoy Effortless And Endless Success With Women With This Streamlined System From The Living Legend Of Seduction™?”

Dear Seeker of Sexual Success,

Before I get to this mind-blowing (and that’s no joke) and truly revolutionary roadmap that will trance-form your entire sense of self, while it transforms your success in all areas of life, I need to very quickly explain what forced me out of retirement.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave or are totally new to my work, know that on July 13, 2014, after 26 years of pursing and enjoying my passion to teach and profoundly change lives…

……I Announced To The World,
“I Quit”.

You see, something inside me – something much deeper than I could put a name to – was whispering in my ear and speaking to my heart. The message was simply this: have the courage to let me go, and I’ll bring you a gift beyond your dreams.

Forgive me if this sounds “mushy” a bit, but I don’t know any other way to convey how powerful and important this is.

The Morning It All Rolled Out Of My Head
(As I Rolled Right Out Of My Bed)

To this day, I still can’t entirely explain it.

But on April 8, 2015, I woke up with what I can only explain as a new mind and a new set of eyes.

It was as if I could see (and you’ll pardon the corny metaphor) The Matrix.

I had an entirely new set of algorithms – fundamental principles and deep insights into the operating system of how all people (men AND women) create their sense of what’s possiblewhat they can do, and what they desire in their world.


I spent the next 6 weeks fleshing this all out – and the icing on the cake was… I came up with a much more efficient, and a hell of a lot more fun, way to teach it.

And that’s why I stepped into my new life and my new career of teaching Speed Seduction®: The New Code with my new seminar on July 18 & 19, 2015.

Introducing Speed Seduction®: The New Code –
The Streamlined System That Helps You Become
A Better Man And Attract High Quality Women
You Can Truly Love, Enjoy And Respect!


Look: this course is going to do a lot more than give you a boost in your confidence and teach you more memorized stuff to get women hot and bothered.

The New Code is all about creating a deep, personal tranceformation so that your success with women becomes a living work of art – a totally new way of moving through your world that makes women long to have you in their world.

The heart and soul of what this New Code course will bring you can be found within the Four Keys.


New Code Key #1:
The Power Of Command Presence And Leadership

If you understand anything about women at all, you understand that it’s much easier to lead from the front than to push from behind. (In fact, this is true with all people, everywhere.)

And the other thing you’ll understand is…

…Women Unconsciously Recognize And Respond To
“Presence” And “Leadership” Vibes Within
The First 2-3 Minutes Of Seeing You


“Command presence” is the ability to radiate leadership, listening, and the voice and vibe that transform YOU into being a much better and happier man, while making attracting women a lot less about using “hard-to-memorize” patterns of language.

Now here’s the really great thing about all of this…

I’ve Uncovered The Secret To Let You Instantly
And Immediately Enjoy This Power, So You Can
Start Pulling Women Into Your Life (And Your Bed)
Just By The Way You Walk Through Your World

That’s why my teaching on easily developing command presence will have you attracting high-quality, super-hot women on a vibrational and unconscious level…

…even if you stand there and read from the Yellow Pages. (Hey, I’m old enough to actually remember when the Yellow Pages were all we had. So all you young fuckers stop laughing!)

Now, that leads into


New Code Key #2:
The Non-Linear Dynamics Of Sexual Interaction™: Principles and Practices

Listen: women do NOT respond in a “connect the dots” and “paint by the numbers” fashion.

I took much of my time off delving into the science and art of chaos theory, and how to apply it tounderstanding and directing women’s thinking and behavior.


What I learned taught me stuff that even I, after 27 years of teaching and research, didn’t have a clue about – and it upped my game to a whole new level.

So I can promise you…

You Will Quickly Discover Why Your Decision To
Claim Your Videos Right Now, Is The Start
Of Opening The Sexual Floodgates
For The Rest Of Your Life!

As I’ve said before: this idea that there are different phases – such as the attraction phase, comfort phase, arousal phase and seduction phase, that take place in logical order – is B.S.

The fact of the matter is, women can experience all of these states at the same time.

You will learn to navigate this, as you then receive


New Code Key #3:
How To Recognize And Use The Power Of Metaphor To Instantly Annihilate Limiting Ways of Thinking, Believing, and Seeing Your World To Set Yourself Free To Choose Who You Want To Be

Basically (and without getting into too much here in this message), you’ll discover the real power of this after you jam down on the button below and claim your instant access to the video footage now.

Listen: understanding and changing your personal metaphor allows you to make contact with, and look deeply into, the depths of your unconscious and the heights of your super-conscious mind. It automatically takes all of your stumbling blocks and turns them into stepping stones.


It transforms all of your pain and turns it into power.

It takes all of your fear and turns it into focus.

Most importantly: it gives you the quiet and calm charisma of the person who writes his own life’s story, and this ability and power will

  • make women desire you, and
  • make men admire and want to follow you

Speaking of transformation and charisma, imagine your success with women once you have


New Code Key #4:
The Power of Sexual Sonics™ – How To Develop A Powerful, Commanding and Arousing Voice

Imagine this: you walk into a room and begin speaking with a woman. She instantly feels the powerful vibration of your voice resonating throughout her body.

Her heart pounds quickly and she tries her best to control the swelling warmth and wetness in her pussy.

Her clit begins pulsing in perfect rhythm with your speaking, creating a current of energy across which your words can effortlessly flow.  That is the power of “Sexual Sonics™.”


Do NOT get me wrong.

Language is powerful. I’ve been in love with it for nearly a quarter of a century.

But, when you multiply the power of a sexually sonic voice with Speed Seduction® language patterns, it’sgiving you what even **I** consider to be an unfair advantage over the 99% of men out there who will never even have a clue about it, and will never enjoy the power of it.

All they will ever be able to do is shake their head and wonder, and look at you with envy and admiration as you stroll around town with the women they can only wank to.

As I’m so fond of saying, that sure beats a poke in the eye, doesn’t it?

  • Three “Balls To The Wall” Openers that will have you make such an impact, that you’ll be half way to hitting a home run before you utter another word!
  • How To Use The Power Of GENUINE Vulnerability To Paradoxically Be Profoundly “Alpha” – forget that Alpha male crap you read about; this is totally different and anyone can do it, right now, no matter what your previous experience!
  • How To Apply “Magick” To Influence And “Pre-Seed” An Attractive Vibe before your enter any location – many of you have begged for new “magick” material… here it is!
  • Out-Kicking Your Coverage – how to attract women you THOUGHT were out of your league (and not just looks-wise either)!
  • Top Student Break-Out Sessions – my top returning students will be doing a panel where YOU get to find out how THEY beat their struggles and mastered the material)!
  • How To Understand And Attract Younger Women-For Men In Their 40s And 50s – ok, many of you ‘old farts’ have asked for this, so I’m going to get into in.  Make no mistake: younger women ARE harder to handle and this is NOT a game for amateurs. Get my guidance and get yourself going!
  • And much, much more!
  • As always, you will get to enjoy watching me do some powerful personal change work, using some totally new methods (I continue to be devoted to my twin passions: teaching and healing and learned a lot on my time off).
    My Amazing Guest Trainer:
    The Fantastic Jonah Robins

    jonah-robinsI first met Jonah at a seminar about another healing discipline that I’m still just learning. We starting talking, and Jonah invited me to his office for a session of what he did at the seminar.

    See, Jonah’s mission is to help as many people as he can and his motivation has stemmed from the years of personal healing work he has done on himself – and I was honored when he accepted my invitation to speak at the “New Code” seminar in Los Angeles.

    I won’t go into his method here. But what I can tell you is that he worked with two students, one of whom had been shattered to a shell of who he once was….

    …When His Wife Walked Out On Him
    (With His Best Friend)

    In 20 minutes flat, Jonah had him healed of the situation. 

    I was astonished to see it, but the guy went from emotionally wrecked to being happy, ready to move on and continue on with his life. It brought tears to my eyes – and the some of the audience were holding back the water as well.

    Here’s a brief clip of Jonah’s teaching, just to give you a taste of what awaits you:




Ross Jeffries – The New Code


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