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Ryan Deiss – Ultimate List Building System



Ryan Deiss – Ultimate List Building System
Ryan Deiss – Ultimate List Building System



How To Experience the Sheer Unbridled Joy of Sending ONE EMAIL and Watching Cash Pour Into Your Bank Account…Almost Like Magic

(This skill has enabled me to purchase everything from golf clubs to a house for my mom with as little as 12 minutes worth of work. Read the full story below…)
Building the Foundation: Breakthrough List-Building Principles Most Marketers Do Not Understand and Routinely Violate
Trust me. If it were easy to make $100,000…$250,000…even $1,000,000 online, I PROMISE you that more people would be doing it. The fact is, this business is NOT easy…especially with all the garbage that’s out there disguised as quality content.
That’s why in Module 1, I give you THE BIG PICTURE of what it takes to succeed online by building MASSIVE, high-quality lists. If you’re brand-new to Internet marketing, this session will bring you up to speed quickly so you’re sure to get maximum value out of the rest of the training.
If you’re already an expert or you have a pre-existing online business, you’ll find this session to be a helpful review, and will no doubt point out a lot of things that you SHOULD be doing (but probably aren’t).

Big List – Big Traffic
I have a confession to make…
I’ve been making a killing with banner ads and other online media for years now, even when most of the “gurus” are still proclaiming that the banner ad is dead. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to generate traffic and build MASSIVE lists in a very short period of time.
In this module, I lay out some ad-buying strategies and the specifics of creating a banner ad campaign to build a list. (Trust me, it’s nothing like PPC.) If you want BIG TRAFFIC and you want it fast, you need to check out this session.

Free List-Building Tactics and Techniques: How Anyone Can Build a List on a Shoestring Budget
Given a large enough advertising budget, my 11 month-old son could literally build a massive opt-in list if he really put his mind to it. But what about the newbie who’s just getting started and doesn’t have a lot of money to spend? What are they supposed to do?
Well that’s what this session is all about…building a list on a shoestring budget. Not only are these techniques useful if you don’t have a lot of cash to spend, they’re also good strategies to employ if you’re testing in a new market and you don’t want to risk and “arm and a leg”.

Offline List-Building Strategies: The Real Secrets To Building MASSIVE Lists In MINIMUM Time
When it comes to list-building, most people teach basic strategies such as PPC, article-writing, etc. And while these are all great strategies (especially when you’re just getting started), none of them provide the shear volume (and quality) of leads that some of the methods our guest expert, John Alanis, will be covering.
I like to describe John as an old school direct marketer trapped in an Internet marketer’s body.
You see, while John owns a highly successful online business in the ultra-competitive “dating” niche, his real passion is for generating leads through more “traditional” online and OFFLINE means.
John is a real pro at media-buying and list rental, which is a skill that few marketers (even the ones who are considered experts) possess. I promise you won’t hear this sort of thing taught anywhere else, so you’ll definitely want to be ready to take lots of notes during this part of the training.

Instant List-Building Secrets: How To Use the Power of CPA Networks To Double…Triple…Even QUADRUPLE Your List Overnight!
Most people can’t imagine having tens of thousands of fresh leads pouring in each and every day, but that scenario is very possible when the right offer meets the right CPA Network (also called Affiliate Networks).
CPA networks, in case you don’t already know, are a conglomeration of website owners who are looking for offers to promote. These guys are the true SUPER AFFILIATES…capable of selling an insane amount of products in a very short period of time.
The best way to describe it is affiliate marketing on STEROIDS!
Obviously if you can tap into these networks of affiliates your sales and lead flow could easily multiply 10 times overnight.
The problem, however, is that most of these CPA networks are geared for the big businesses with the big advertising budgets, so smaller marketers like us rarely have the opportunity to compete in this media.
Fortunately I have a contact in this industry who is willing to cover EXACTLY what it takes to get into the big affiliate networks. Everything from constructing your offer to approaching the networks themselves for approval.
Now I’ll warn you right now. This is a highly advanced strategy that won’t be appropriate for many business owners. For some, however, this will be the major breakthrough that will take their business to the next level. Either way, you’ll definitely want to hear what this guest expert has to say…

Affiliate Inferno: How To Train OTHER PEOPLE To Build Your Lists For You
The only thing better than building a massive opt-in list is having other people build your list for you. And that’s exactly what guest expert, Stu McLaren, is a pro at.
Stu manages the affiliate programs of some of the most successful Internet marketers, which means he gets a front-row seat for some of the most profitable (and unprofitable) marketing campaigns.
To put it another way, Stu knows what works and what doesn’t work with affiliate marketing, and he knows how to leverage affiliates to build massive lead and customer lists with as little cost as possible. Even if you think you know a lot about managing an affiliate program, I can assure you that you won’t want to miss this module. I absolutely GUARANTEE that you’ll learn something new.

The Lead Explosion System: How To Build an Automated System That Generates Thousands of Leads Per Day
In this module guest expert, Matt Bacak, will reveal his ridiculously simple (yet insanely effective) system for generating leads in any market. Most folks who are “in the know” consider Matt to be one of THE authorities on list-building, which I why I felt it was crucial to have him participate in the “Ultimate List-Building System”.
I promise that even if you have never built a webpage or written a single autoresponder message that Matt’s methods WILL work for you. That said, I don’t want you to think that this session is all basics, because that’s definitely not the case. Matt has innovated some of the most creative list-building and list monetization strategies I’ve ever personally witnessed.
Top marketers have literally paid $12,000+ to visit his office and see his operation first-hand, but he reveals all the little details in this system.

The Business of Lead Generation: How To Make Big Money Brokering Leads To Big Businesses
When most people hear “list-building” or “lead generation” they think it only applies to building an opt-in list for your own business. But trust me…that’s only half of the story. There’s also a small “fraternity” of marketers who are making an absolute killing selling leads directly to businesses.
That’s right! They don’t try to sell to the leads directly…they just sell those leads to other businesses for big money. Imagine getting paid $5, $10…or EVEN MORE for every opt-in that you generate on your site? (Trust me, these numbers are conservative compared to what businesses will pay in some markets.)
In this example, if you collected just 100 fresh leads each and every day, you’d earn between $500 and $1000 A DAY and you’d never have to send an email or try to sell a thing.
Now imagine if you could sell that same lead to 3 or 5 different business! That’s when things get really exciting.
If you’re thinking this business puts you in the same class as the spammers think again. This is a totally legitimate form of marketing that was around long before the Internet and will continue to be around for decades to come. That said, it is a tricky business to navigate, which is why I had lead generation expert, Bob Regenerous, speak on this topic.
Bob is one of those “underground guys” who rarely speaks on this topic, so you’ll definitely want to pay attention to what he has to say.

Advanced Email Marketing Secrets: Proven Techniques for Maximizing the Value of Every Subscriber To Your List
Marketing expert, John Alanis, is back for a second time, only in this session he will be covering advanced email marketing tips that you can implement once you’ve started building your list.
John is probably better than anyone else I know at squeezing as much money as possible out of his lists. But don’t get me wrong…his subscribers absolutely love him because he’s learned to strike a perfect balance between building a relationship with his list and selling them products.
Trust me, knowledge like this only comes from years of trial and error down in the “trenches”. To hear insider information like this is truly an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Advanced Email Marketing Secrets (Part 2): Proven Conversion Strategies That Virtually Force Your Subscribers To Buy
The topic of email marketing is far too broad to cover in just one session, which is why I brought in email marketing expert, Craig Perrine, to cover his methods for constructing email offers and campaigns that convert like crazy.
Craig’s methods differ slightly from the ones that John Alanis uses in his business. Neither is right or wrong, but you’ll want to consume both modules so you can decide which strategies most closely fit with your market.

Building a list without a product – Speaker Panel
The hot seat – Speaker Panel
Anatomy of a Lead Generation Campaign





Ryan Deiss – Ultimate List Building System

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