School Of Motion – Animation Bootcamp

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School Of Motion – Animation Bootcamp



School Of Motion – Animation Bootcamp
School Of Motion – Animation Bootcamp


What will you learn?

The course is designed to make you an animator in 6-weeks. It’s structured to build lesson-by-lesson until you’re pulling off very complex and sophisticated animation.

This is not a course that shows you a bunch of “tricks” that you may or may not use ever again. You will learn the secrets of Animation, knowledge that you will be able to use on every single project you do for the rest of your career.

Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran, your skills will improve IMMENSELY if you complete the course.

Week 1: Get rid of bad habits, make friend with Timing & Spacing, and get your hands dirty with some old-fashioned cel animation.

Week 2: Translate the knowledge from Week 1 into After Effects. By the end of this week you will finally have complete control of BOTH graph editors

Week 3: Explore two of the most common types of movement: Oscillations (things that move back and forth) and Bounces. Anticipation and Overshoots are easy once you’ve nailed these.

Week 4: Follow-through and Squash-and-stretch are two ways of adding a TON of energy to your animations. We cover a bunch of ways to use both of these techniques

Week 5: What do you do when you have to coordinate many things moving at once? This week gets more advanced as we cover Reinforcing Movement and Eye Trace.

Week 6: What happens if you don’t want smooth, beautiful movement? Hey, sometimes you don’t. We cover “odd” animation and you also receive your Final Project.


School Of Motion – Animation Bootcamp


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