Scott Hallman – Small Business Growth Club [Platinum]


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Scott Hallman – Small Business Growth Club [Platinum]



Scott Hallman – Small Business Growth Club [Platinum]
Scott Hallman – Small Business Growth Club [Platinum]

Advantages Of Membership In The Small Business Growth ClubTM
The Small Business Growth Club is the Ultimate Business Training and resource center on the planet. Members receive cutting-edge strategies and “How To” techniques for building, growing, and managing their businesses.

Enjoy the Freedom You Deserve
Membership allows you to tap into a comprehensive and updated library of training audio workshops and other materials. They come with step-by-step instructions for easy implementation.

All training resources are approved by Scott Hallman, who took two companies from scratch to the INC 500 list of fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S.

Scott brings you breakthrough methods for improving bottom line revenue and operations.

Harvest Profits from Your Existing Business, Predictable, With Little Time, Money, Effort or Risk Using the “Power of OptimizationTM

Systematically Generate a Continuous Stream of New Clients While Slashing Your Marketing Costs

Learn to Master Implementation and Execution and Put Your Business on Auto-Pilot

Join As A Gold Member
We fully expect you to generate enough additional PROFIT in the first 30 days to pay for your membership fees for life. Literally. And just one small improvement a month will transform your business and…

…pay for the small monthly membership fees 10 to 1,000 times over.

Members often report earning $1,000.00 or more an hour for every hour they invest applying the SBGC strategies and tactics. Our Profit Calculator shows you just how much profit YOU can generate. It takes less than two minutes to find out.

Gold Membership to the Small Business Growth Club gets you instant access to:
Our Business Growth Training Center — 12 month “hands-on” training.

Business Growth Accelerator Learning Tracks
Participate in 12 Session Structured training programs tailored to the needs of your business. In each session you will learn how to create a powerful, profit producing system that will last for years to come (you can even accelerate this training to as little as 12 weeks!) & you work at your own pace.

These are on-demand audio based training sessions that provide a “workshop” environment that enables you and your team to develop your success implementation program as you participate in the training & enabling you to produce results almost immediately.

“Generating New Business” — A complete guide to developing your own new client acquisition system. A turn-key system where you will be guided to developing powerful market positioning, along with a killer marketing arsenal with all the tools you need to find, win and keep new customers. Comes with fun and easy templates and workshops.

“Optimizing Your Profits” — Increase profitability 20-50% without adding a single extra customer! Each month learn a new proven strategy to create windfalls on demand without spending a dime! The track includes step-by-step guides to customize the process for your specific business.

“Implementation-Management” — Become an implementation master and finally produce the results you desire. Find out how to develop a systematic business that maximizes profitability and runs without you!

Serious small business owners and managers (who want maximum growth and profits as quickly as possible) can

Join or Upgrade to Platinum Level Membership!
Take full advantage of the Small Business Growth Club by going Platinum. We invite you to become part of a special group of members by joining our club at the highest membership level!

Receive full and immediate access to all Gold Member free resources, workshops and training on the site. In addition, get special privileges and bonus material worth more than $6,900.

The benefits of Platinum membership include:
All the Gold Member Benefits
Unlimited access to all training and information resources on SBGC. Over 40 training workshops (and growing) to help you build, grow, manage, profit, and develop time freedom.

Private “Platinum Invitation Only” Tele-Training teleconferences where Scott teaches latest breakthroughs for adding even more profits to your business and new ways to apply the strategies and tactics taught at SBGC…Scott promises you add $1,000 for every hour you invest in this training!

Special Q & A Training Sessions to help you take the strategies and tactics to the next level and ensure success.

Special Seminar Training Events With Leading Experts. Learn to effectively implement internet marketing, web conversion, direct marketing, webinars, special sales programs, manage employees and more.

Advanced Private Client Teleseminar. These special sessions retail for $129 each but you get them as part of the Platinum Program FREE. Each session is a recorded teleconference with Scott and his private retainer clients (that pay him retainer of $37,500-$67,500 a year) as they take each business growth training technique to the next level!

Scott’s Personal Challenge…
Join the club and our small business success revolution. I know the impact it will have on your business! Give me just an hour a week and I will help you increase your profits by 24%-60% in the next year. Also, if within 30 days you have not found profit streams that equal at least 10 times the membership investment, simply cancel and we’ll part friends. But I know that won’t happen.

So take him up on his challenge and become a Platinum Member.


All the material contained within has been meticulously organized, named, titled, and properly tagged. (Don’t you just love how publishers do such a great job with electronic filing, folder and file names and tagging?!)

Included here is all the Small Business Growth Club [Platinum] material available at the time of ripping:

Blog Posts
Grouped Sessions
Individual Sessions (Broken Out)
77 Sessions Total

This is the PLATINUM Version, Though it does NOT CONTAIN:
– Live Hot Seat Business Makeovers with Scott (group call)
– $500 Downloadable Videos and Audios
– Speed2Profits Program

The structure and organization of the material was horrible and a nightmare to sort through. Some exists as duplicate material from previous products. Initially going through the site, it seems there is a LOT more than there actually is. And it was very difficult to initially identify one item from another. There are many ways to navigate or list sessions and content is often double and sometimes even triple listed, and often times is organized in different ways with different file names, series names and session names. It is very confusing and frustrating at times.

I believe this has been a poor attempt to impress upon the customer they are getting a lot more than they may otherwise perceive.

If you’re fussy about what you download, you have two different sets of folders to choose from: “Groups” or “Individual Sessions”. NOTE: Aside from the segregated/duplicated Individual Sessions, there is duplicate content (among the grouped sessions, and with previous uploads here at TheVault).

If you simply want the content itself, the “Individual Sessions” are all you need. All of the Grouped sessions were broken down, and duplicate content redacted to form these “Individual Sessions”. There are 77 individual sessions representing 1.82GB of material.

However, it is likely you will find tremendous additional value in the collections of Grouped files in the way they are meant to educate a client by focus or interest. There are also additional grouping MHT descriptor files (because of site organization or resulting from different promotional offers that may have occurred) that may be of some benefit to you, as well.

This organization was done for your convenience, not mine.

MHT files are provided whenever possible for comprehensive session logs and clarity for you.



Scott Hallman – Small Business Growth Club [Platinum]



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