Sean D Souza – Premium Website Strategy Masterclass

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Sean D Souza – Premium Website Strategy Masterclass



Sean D Souza – Premium Website Strategy Masterclass
Sean D Souza – Premium Website Strategy Masterclass



Here’s What You Get When You Join The Automated Income Machine Course:

–   12 Complete Step-By-Step Modules
How to easily turn your business into an Automated Income Machine! This is where we take you behind the curtain and reveal, step -by-step how to launch your automated income.

–    AIM Private Facebook Mastermind Group
Connect daily with a tight-knit, focused group of entrepreneurs who are also working on launching an automated income machine. We are all in this together. Post questions to the group at any time of the day with confidence, knowing you’ll get a dependable answer from us or other members. This is your source for immediate insight, encouragement and inspiration whenever you need it.

–   Checklists, Fast Action Guides and Templates
You’ll get access to our entire collection of checklists, templates and fast action guides. These priceless tools remove all the guesswork so you get results fast. These are the same tools that we use with our own team to launch Automated Income Machines. We’ve spent months (and in some cases years) perfecting each tool. These tools shortcut your path to higher income. Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll get:
The Hook Cheat Sheet
Instant Product Creation Cheat Sheet
The Conversation Loop Cheat Sheet
21-Point Sales Page Checklist
Headline Templates
Email Templates
Landing Page Templates
And much more…

–   Facebook Ad Campaign Quick Start
The fastest way to pull fast, targeted traffic into your Automated Sales Machine is with inexpensive paid traffic. Our favorite place to multiply our money is Facebook. This quick start guide will show you how to attract traffic and start making a profit overnight.

–   Online Community Directory
The relationships you form in this course will be one of the most valuable assets to your business for years to come. This private online directory makes it easy to get to know your companions on this journey. See who is who, what they are working on, how to get a hold of them and how you can help each other.
Please note that being listed in the directory is optional. You can opt-out if you prefer. But we find most people get a ton of value from networking like this.

–    Automated Income Resource Directory
We’ll give you the inside scoop on every tool we use to launch automated sales systems. You’ll always know the perfect, most effective and cost efficient resource for every need.

Plus You’ll Also Get These Amazing Bonus Modules:

–    BONUS #1 – The Freedom Formula Training (Value: $100.00)
This training uncovers your own personal lifestyle vision that will motivate and drive you to success. This is the rocket fuel that will propel you to a life of freedom, fulfillment and purpose. It also shows you how to have financial freedom starting today.
–    BONUS #2 – The Freedom Business Blueprint (Value: $100.00)
This ground-breaking checklist reveals how to turn your passion and purpose into online income. By the end of this checklist, you will have a map of how to have the greatest impact in the world and make a large income doing it. This is the missing ingredient that no one else teaches, not even best-selling business books.
–    BONUS #3 – Focus Training: A Guide to Clarity, Confidence and Unstoppable Momentum. (Value: $200.00)
We share our top tips for finding and focusing on what matters most, maintaining confidence and keeping momentum as you build your business.



Sean D Souza – Premium Website Strategy Masterclass


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