Sean D’Souza – The Brain Audit

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Sean D’Souza – The Brain Audit




Sean D’Souza – The Brain Audit
Sean D’Souza – The Brain Audit


The Brain Audit by Sean D’Souza – Why Clients Buy (And Why They Don’t)

The Brain Audit is a complete system that enables you to understand what’s going on inside the brain of your customer. It’s a system that is based on a deep understanding of how our mind works.

It shows you the bags inside your customer’s brain. It gives you an understanding of how the brain responds to specific psychological triggers. And it speeds up the sales process, without the need to be pushy.

Being pushy is unnecessary

That’s because pushiness creates an unnatural situation. The Brain Audit doesn’t teach you how to use mind tricks. It’s not a system of coercion. It doesn’t psyche the customer into buying against his or her will.

Instead it shows you how to attract the attention of a customer

It shows you how to keep that attention. It shows you where the attention wavers. And it takes you through a series of steps that we all take on a day-to-day basis when buying products or services.

And not only does it show you a step-by-step method, but it gives you a checklist that takes the ‘iffiness’ factor out of your own marketing and communication.

So what’s the ‘iffiness’ factor?

On any given day, if you were to ask someone to critique your website, your presentation or your business cards, they’ll simply give you an opinion. And the opinion will vary from person to person. This variation leaves you confused.

You’re not really sure if your marketing message is working at 20%, 55% or not working at all. And you suspect that you could vastly improve your results, if you had a clear set of guidelines and benchmarks.

Name of Course: Sean D’Souza – The Brain Audit | Release Date: 2021





Sean D’Souza – The Brain Audit


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