Sell it like Serhant – Ryan Serhant

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Sell it like Serhant – Ryan Serhant


Sell it like Serhant – Ryan Serhant
Sell it like Serhant – Ryan Serhant


What we can learn from Sell it like Serhant?

This is the only real estate sales course we will ever need, created for us by the #1 real estate agent in New York City. This is the ultimate guide to getting more clients, making more money, closing more deals, building our own team, structuring our day for success, and more. We will live a better lifestyle by becoming the best salesperson we can be. So, we will get Serhaunt’s strategies, tricks, and templates his team and he personally uses every day to sell nearly $100 million in homes per month.

  • Part 1 – Building an Unbreakable Foundation.
  • Part 2 – The Wow Moment and Five Other Serhant Secrets that will Arm you for Success.
  • Part 3 – Ready, Set, Go! Putting Everything into Practice.


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