Seller Kickstart By Mark Thompson

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Seller Kickstart By Mark Thompson



Seller Kickstart By Mark Thompson
Seller Kickstart By Mark Thompson


What if – there was a proven system for creating high-demand products in any niche that will literally give you a license to print money on demand?

If that sounds exciting to you, you’re in the right place.

Because if you want the RARE ability to make sales on demand by creating high-demand products and programs on a bootstrapped budget, while scaling to a 6, 7 or even 8-figure digital publishing company, I’m running a one-off workshop which will show you how.

Here’s the deal…

I’m running an INTENSE workshop called Seller Kickstart over the next 6 weeks where…


I can show you exactly how to make more sales, and you’ll learn how to quickly squeeze massive profits out of even the most simple product or program. You’ll gain more customers and fans with every week that passes.

You’ll also discover how to create products so captivating, your buyers will contact you begging you to create more products they can buy.

Plus, you’ll discover advanced techniques that can instantly double, triple or even quadruple your earnings per customer.

…WITHOUT having to worry about huge start-up costs, hiring expensive staff, or spending endless amounts of time getting products to market.

If that sounds exciting to you…keep reading!

But before I share all the juicy details with you, I want to give you some context. Because there’s a good chance you don’t know who the hell I am.

My name is Mark Thompson.

I have been a full-time Internet Marketing for the past 9+ years.

I have created all types of products, programs and services aimed to help marketers sell more products, build their all-important email list, and generate more revenue for their online businesses.

I’ve created everything from video training programs, virtual seminars, WordPress plugins/themes, desktop apps, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, and private & group coaching programs.

Since 2010, when I started creating digital products, I’ve created over 40+ different products and programs.

Each product launch has been a unique learning experience, which has helped me to get where I am today.

To date, we have sold over 12+ million dollars in digital products, with over 34,000+ customers and have positioned our company as a leader in the Internet marketing publisher space.

But I’ll be honest; this wasn’t easy.

It didn’t happen with the flip of a switch or through some magical overnight success formula.

I’ve made A LOT of mistakes.
I’ve wasted A LOT of money.
I’ve spent endless hours.

…getting to where I am today.

However the good news is that I am living proof that it’s possible to start from NOTHING and build a sustainable, long-term online business.

I just wish I had a shortcut to get to where I am now (more on that in just a bit…)

Now, over time, as my name and brand become more well known, I was getting overwhelmed with marketers wanting to learn exactly what I was doing to rake in thousands of new customers and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a couple of weeks.

Even some of the big players I considered to be A-list guys in my space.

Take a look at some of the emails, comments, and messages I was receiving…




Seller Kickstart By Mark Thompson


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