Sneaker Riches – Harlan Kilstein

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Sneaker Riches – Harlan Kilstein


Sneaker Riches – Harlan Kilstein
Sneaker Riches – Harlan Kilstein



What we can learn from Sneaker Riches?

This course is a four-week program that takes us from newbie to pro. We’re about to be introduced to a niche, where regular folks can make $2000 a week almost immediately, where some folks are generating millions doing this as a real business.

This market is the perfect storm of an insatiable market and limited quantities of products are must have. The 2 billion dollar niche is the secondary market for sneakers and street gear.

Here’s the process step by step: buy a pair of sneakers that are in high demand, there are calendars of when sneakers “drop”, turn around and list the sneakers on one of the websites that specialize in this market, get paid — double, triple, even quadruple our money.

  • Welcome Video.
  • Sneaker Riches Webinar Keynote.
  • The New Risk Free Money Method.
  • Week 1 – StockX is your Friend.
  • Week 1 – Supreme Bonus Video 1.
  • Week 1 – What Sold on Supreme.
  • Week 2 – Apps I Recommend.
  • Week 2 – Buying Adidas on the Drop.
  • Week 2 – How I Pick Shoes.
  • Week 2 – How to Buy Nike at the Drop.
  • Week 2 – Opening a Package from Supreme.
  • Week 2 – Sneaky Sneaker Drops.
  • Week 2 – Supreme Profits.
  • Week 2 – Tracking your Activity.



Sneaker Riches – Harlan Kilstein


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