Speak and Profit 2017 – Mike Koenigs

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Speak and Profit 2017 – Mike Koenigs




Speak and Profit 2017 – Mike Koenigs
Speak and Profit 2017 – Mike Koenigs


What we can get in Speak and Profit 2017?

Discover the Insider Secrets for Getting PAID for Sharing Your Expertise, Time, Experience, or Story! We’ll show you how to do this even if the last time you spoke was in Mrs. Potter’s 6th Grade English Class!

  • Step 1: Build – We’ll cover everything step-by-step including how to build a smashingly attractive speaking website, how to brand your social media for max impact, and how to build a “sizzle reel” that gets you speaking deals out of the blue.
  • Step 2: Prepare – We give you step-by-step hold-you-by-the-hand strategies for everything from sending agreements, pre-event calls and questionnaires, best ways to get to the event, what to do the night before the event, and how to talk to the meeting planner.
  • Step 3: Profit – You’ll learn how to get meeting planners how to call you, how to close a speaking deal, what to charge, and how to speak to get referrals and spin-off business.





Speak and Profit 2017 – Mike Koenigs


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