Speed Mission – Jason Fladlien

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Speed Mission – Jason Fladlien



Speed Mission – Jason Fladlien
Speed Mission – Jason Fladlien


Here’s exactly what you’re getting…

First, you get 5 modules that explain the system, step by step, providing you with all the necessary details for each step you need to take to go from a standing start to a super-sonic speed and profit – as well as the big picture of how everything fits together. Take a look…


Module #1 Discover the smartest and fastest 5-step process you can use to get your first interview style project completed. The secret is creating a special test environment to learn the ropes and gain tremendous confidence WITHOUT any pressure.
Module #2 See how to extract maximum market value (“MMV”) even without experience or talent. Use the processes to get built-in traffic, dig into any niche, and enjoy the halo of power and success of other experts.
Module #3 The “One Foot Hurdles” are those things that are extremely easy to overcome or solve in very little time with very little (or zero!) financial investment. Learn why experts are desperate to talk to you, how to ask brilliant questions, how to make everyone very happy (including customers), and so much more.
Module #4 This is where you get more advanced access to doing Speed Mission style interviews using simple, but super effective systems. Know who to target, when to target them, why they need you, where to find more experts, how to ask exactly the right questions, how to win the “game” before you start, how to make experts happy, how to write Speed Mission product sales letters, and way more!
Module #5 There are six people who can make or break your Speed Mission project. Five of them are really awesome and one of them will destroy your product and suck your time away like a vampire. Find out who’s most important and least important for your interview product and how to work with all of them in exactly the right way.
Plus, you’re also getting a mindmap that lets you review the process at a glance and do each of the steps in a simple, follow-along style without ever opening the members area or watching the videos.

That’s not NEARLY It!
While there’s a WEALTH of information available in these modules and the mindmap… You’re getting much more than that when you invest in Speed Mission today.

You’re also getting an audio recording of me, Jason Fladlien, discussing the interview model in front of a live audience, giving away all kinds of secrets like…


Case Study #1 “The Quick And Dirty Interview” – how we quickly did an interview with a multi-millionaire that billionaires(!) listen to and released a successful product. My time investment to create that product? Under 3 hours…
The 6 Types Of Experts you’ll encounter when interviewing people are The Egghead, The Marketer, The Connector, The _______, The _______, and The _________ – and why stay away from the last 2 if at all possible (Important: if you approach this the WRONG way, you’ll never get an interview product done…)
Case Study #2 “The Pro Interview Event” – at the other side of the spectrum as far as the interview products go, you’ll find these huge multi-expert events and products. Here’s a case study of an event just like that which I was a part of…
The Psychology of Experts – and why a LOT of knowledgeable and important people actually are EAGER to talk to you and to say YES to participating with their resources in whatever you’re building for yourself
The “Sponsor” Trick – how to get a 3rd party PAY for your idea
And much, much more!
Of course, you’re also getting a word-by-word transcript of the recording which weighs in at 23 pages and more than 12,000 words – you’re going to love this if you learn faster by reading or want to review key concepts quickly after listening to the recording.

In The Money After Hitting The Save Button?
The bottom line is… Speed Mission is a great way to build a business from nothing at all, and it’s something I can wholeheartedly recommend to complete beginners as well as entrepreneurs who have been around the block.

Why? The most important reason is that it doesn’t require you to ramp up before you start making money. As soon as you’re done with your first product, you can be in the money HOURS after hitting the Save button – how awesome is that?

With that in mind…

Your Investment Today Is… ?
It’s WAY less than you’d think. Especially if you’re ready to take the leap NOW.

Here’s the interesting part – and as a marketer, you should pay close attention to it. We’re testing a bunch of marketing approaches, and we’re likely to add some bells and whistles to this salespage, maybe something to the product itself, and tweak and test some more – likely at a MUCH higher price point.

However, when you invest today… you’re getting the ENTIRE system – lock, stock, and barrel – at a steal. Just $99.95

I’ll do you one better, though…




Speed Mission – Jason Fladlien


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