Stan Billue – Highest Paid Salesman on Earth

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Stan Billue – Highest Paid Salesman on Earth


Stan Billue – Highest Paid Salesman on Earth
Stan Billue – Highest Paid Salesman on Earth


Stan Billue – Highest Paid Salesman on Earth

The 90 Lessons:

1. Learn by Listening
2. Enthusiasm Encourages Excitement
3. Improving Personality Improves Performance
4. Smile when Dialing
5. Expectant Attitudes Achieve Excellent Altitudes

6. Weasel Words are a Waste
7. Winning Words are Wonderful
8. Constant Calls Create Constant Cash
9. Organization Offers Opportunity
10. Speak to Sell

11. Pacing Provides Profit
12. Call Reluctance
13. Creativity Converts into Cash
14. Preparation is Professional
15. Time Ticks Away

16. Establishing Control Controls Energy
17. Formats Form Fabulous Fortunes
18. Dedication Determines Destiny
19. Actors Achieve Stardom in Selling
20. Making Decisions Makes Dough

21. High Energy Reaps High Earnings
22. Reward Your Results
23. Checklists Confirm Continuity
24. Names Give Uncommon Notoriety
25. Favors are Fruitful

26. Wrong Person for the Right Name
27. Asking Properly Alleviates Probing
28. Success with Screeners
29. Hanging Up Versus Holding On
30. Leaving Messages is Maddening

31. A Page Can Replace Rage
32. 3 Times Scores 3 Points
33. Make Your Name Memorable
34. Use Anything Except H.A.Y.T.
35. (Arousing Benefits Create Desire)

36. Blow by Brush-Offs
37. Bridges are Better
38. Open Your Closed Questions
39. Qualify Without Questions
40. A List Helps You Listen

41. Layering is Learning
42. Hard Questions Aren’t Easy
43. Needs are Necessary
44. Reverse the Roughies
45. Brain-Picking Isn’t Profitable

46. Asking for Money is Good
47. Telling for Money is Better
48. The Disappointment is Desirous
49. Continuation Creates Control
50. Talk Like They Talk

51. Treat Three Things Terrifically
52. Exits Eliminate Embarrassment
53. Final Questions Finalize
54. Three Biggest are the Three Easiest
55. Overpowering Wants Overpower Needs

56. Three Things to Tell Them
57. Let’s Get Physical
58. Buying Motives Makes Motivated Buyers
59. Tie Downs are Terrific
60. Assumptive Tie Downs are Tremendous

61. Benefits Belong with Features
62. Hold Buttons Build Happy Bonuses
63. Painting Pictures Produces Profit
64. Going Back Moves You Ahead
65. Name Calling is Nice

66. Trading Off Instead of Blowing Up
67. Senses Surpass Sense
68. An Alternate is Alluring
69. A Hitchhike is Helpful
70. Pausing Perfects Performance

71. Let Them Sell Themselves
72. “I” Irritates
73. “Think” Stinks
74. Trial Closes are not Traumatic
75. objections Offer Opportunities

76. Four Times to Handle Horror
77. This Note is Nice
78. Humor is Happiness
79. Feedback for Fun Bucks
80. Stalling and Stumbling is Smart Selling

81. Reverse to Go Forward
82. The Fortune Formula
83. Avoiding Pressure Accelerates Profit
84. Knowing When is Winning
85. Somebody is Getting Sold

86. Simplest Sales in Selling
87. Take-a-ways Prevent Go-a-ways
88. Thanking is Terrifying
89. Referrals Result in Revenue
90. Critiquing for Cash


2. Bonus #1: A Subscription to Stan Billue’s Monthly Newsletter

Sign up for a subscription to Stan’s insightful Monthly Newsletter and Weekly Marketing Tip. Each month, he features a Sales and Marketing Skill to help you make more money, a Motivational Tip to help you keep your head screwed on straight, plus Something of Value and some Humor.

Here’s the link.

3. Bonus #2: The Manuscript of Stan Billue’s Autobiography, “A Best Seller”

– 2 Part PDF Manuscript totaling 110 pages

This manuscript details the amazing transformation of a 34 year old self-made failure into one of the most Respected, Referred-to and Ripped-off Sales Trainers, Motivational Speakers and Marketing Gurus in the World.
This is a Training Manual for Life with over 150 of the most powerful Life Lessons Learned from the Universe!

What can you learn from this Book?
You’ll learn the Mind Set needed and the Skill Level required to take complete charge of your Life and become a Mega-Buck Income Producing Pro.

Who can benefit from this Book?
It’s your Blueprint for Success for Sales Pros, Sales Managers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Trainers, Consultants, Coaches, Work-at-Home Specialists and anyone desiring to become the Best they can become will reap enormous benefits.

Some Chapters will Entertain you:

The fastest Telegram Delivery Boy in history while in Grade School.

The youngest Fuller Brush Man in the Country while in Grade School.

Being a Brick Mason, a Plumber, Donut maker, Disc Jockey and Tropical Fish breeder while in High School.

The only Rock n’ Roll Piano Player in Army Band history.

Getting stoned with Three Dog Night.

Being stewed, screwed and bar-b-cued by Kenny Roger’s Brother.

Restarting the Concert Careers of Freddie (Boom Boom) Cannon and Sam the Sham (of the Pharaohs).

Working with the Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, K.C. and the Sunshine Band and 60 irate Females.

Some Chapters may Shock you:

Making more money each day than my fellow Soldiers made all month.

Going to Prison and becoming the Barber instead of someone’s Bitch.

Spending over $100k on Birds that don’t Fly.

However each Chapter contains Invaluable Knowledge to help you Become the Best you can Become!

Meeting my Mentor and turning my entire Life around based on 3 Words.

Buying a 100,000 sq ft Building, remodeling it and opening a Store in 5 weeks.

Buying a Building sinking into the Ground and Leasing it for twice as much.

Building a Tennis Court on the side of a Cliff on an Island.

Passing a Test that got me a new Wardrobe, a new Car and a New House.

Running the biggest and longest G.O.B. Sale in the history of Miami.

Selling a 100,000 sq ft Building by using 5 minutes of Silence.

Leasing a 120,000 sq ft Building to a Bank with a 5% compound COL Clause.

Negotiating a Partner Buy Out in 60 days that Attorneys couldn’t do in 3 years.

Taking my Mentor’s Net Worth from 16 to 32 Million in 18 months.

The exact Formula used to Double my Income for 5 consecutive Years.

Making a $265,000 Sale on a Cold Call after he hung up on me twice.

Creating a Mega-Career as a Sales Trainer opposite from other Speakers.

Selling a Million Dollars in Product Sales the 1st year of my new Career.

Staying booked up to 22 Speaking engagements each Month for 20 years.

Getting a Client to write a $50,000 Check for Product I didn’t even have yet.

Recreating myself as a Motivational Speaker, a Consultant and a Copy Writer.

– 2 Part PDF Manuscript totaling 110 pages

4. Bonus #3: Stan Billue’s Most Helpful Positive Affirmations

Ten (10) of Stan’s most helpful, “no-nonsense” Positive Affirmations.

If you read these Positive Affirmations out loud everyday, you’ll develop a magnificent new Attitude within 16 to 21 days.

– 1 page PDF document

5. Bonus #4: Motivational Quotes From Stan Billue

More than 450 thoughtful and insightful Motivational Quotes by Stan Billue

– 12-page PDF document

6. Bonus #5: The Real Truth About The Deep-Seated Psychology Of Face to Face and Telephone Selling: Stan Billue Interviewed by Michael Senoff – Part One: 58-minute audio, Part Two: 47 minute audio, 56-page transcript containing both parts

Stan Billue Interview On Selling Part One:

Stan Billue has been called the most copied, respected, and referred-to sales trainer alive. He has built a
30-year reputation as a recognized expert in sales training, telemarketing, motivation, mentoring, marketing, and copy writing.

He’s doubled his own income each year for five consecutive years selling over the phone. Stan has taught more
6 and 7 figure a year income earning mega-buck sales pros than any other trainer.  Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar use his training materials when selling seats to their own seminars.

Listen as Stan Billue reveals his ten most fascinating stories about his biggest sales, each one containing a valuable lessons you can use starting today.

In this interview, you’ll learn how to:

• Identify and use a prospects defense mechanisms to your advantage
• Close more sales with instructional statements and continuation phrases
• Build up benefits to get the customer to prepay
• The secret to get prospects to beg for your product
• How to position yourself as big fish
• Become a master of your craft by spending one hour per day of study
• Use a tape recorder once each day to increase sales
• And much, much more!

Stan exposes the deep-seated psychology of selling and salesmanship. It’s no surprise that his power-packed audio and video programs, Double Your Income Selling On The Phone and 90 Telemarketing Selling Skills, are sold in 45 countries worldwide. Get ready to learn lessons in sales that you’ll be able to remember.

Stan Billue Interview On Selling Part Two:

Stan Billue has mastered the art of selling by learned from many of the world’s most famous motivators and salesman like J. Douglas Edwards, Fred Herman, Norman Vincent Peale and the sales training icon Zig Ziglar.

In the following five stories you’ll discover how Stan:

• Persuaded Pac Bell to make him keynote speaker at their convention, launching a lucrative second career as a motivational speaker
• Built value and benefits to convince a company to prepay for sales training.
• Sold $12,000 in product in twenty minutes by finding out exactly what a group of Mormon MLM distributors wanted and by giving it to them.
• Enticed an investment firm to expand 3 months of consulting and training to 18 months just by asking the right questions
• Learned the secrets of profitable Internet marketing simply by investing his time in mastering the craft

While sharing these fascinating anecdotes about his career, Stan shares selling tips, techniques, and secrets. Learn…

• How to hurdle the gatekeeper
• How to make the screener your friend
• How to contact the decision maker (even when he’s NOT in his office!)
• How to use the “Banker’s Question” to locate one’s true buying motives.
• How to turn sales into sales leads.
• How to pick the brains of the experts…for free
• And much more!

Stan’s stories are memorable and his tips will empower you no matter what you sell. You can start using Stan’s formula for becoming a master in selling simply by listening to his message. As Stan says, “When you’re green, you grow; when you’re ripe, you rot. You have to keep up.”

7. Bonus #6: 10 Closing Secrets Guaranteed To Double Your Income Over The Phone: A Webinar With Telemarketing Legend Stan Billue

When it comes to selling over the phone, many marketers blow it. They bombard their prospects with benefits, features, or questions that wind up sounding more like an FBI interrogation than a conversation. Even when they manage to hook a prospect, they’re usually too busy running their mouths to notice, and end up missing the signals that tell them when to shut-up and close – or worse, they miss the signals that tell them how to close.

If that’s you, don’t worry – this audio with legendary sales trainer Stan Billue will change the way you sell over the phone for good.

But don’t think Stan became a legend because he has some sort of special “gift-of-gab sales talent.” He’s the first to admit he was a “self-made failure,” bankrupt and blaming everybody else for his lack of success. Now, he can say he’s trained more 6-and-7-figure income earners than anyone else. And all because he made the decision to invest one hour a day to perfecting his craft. And in this audio, you’ll hear the 10 secrets he’s come up with for doubling income over the phone.

You’ll Also Hear…

The art of knowing when to close – listen to your prospect, check in with your prospect, and know the nuances of conversation that tell you when and how to close: this one tip alone could allow you to cut your pitching time in half – because you’ll stop yourself from talking more than you need to

The 12 different types of personalities you’ll come across over the phone, how to identify them – and how to sell to each of their “wants”

A word-for-word script of the kind of “instructional statements” you should be using instead of direct questions so you sound more like a trusted friend building a relationship – and less like an FBI interrogator

The two critical times you must close: Don’t give prospects time to talk after these two moments in your conversation, or you’ll lose them

How to cash in on the “close-after-the-close:” stop being grateful for one sale and learn the right way to up-sell and cross-sell so you can increase your income without increasing your effort – by hitting your prospects while they’re in the buying mood

How pros use a “benefits summary” at the end of their sales calls to help prospects sort through information – while directing them to the decision to buy

Examples of the only tone and attitude that work for the “no-pressure close”

The 5 most successful closes in history: Stan says if you become a master at these five (and add just five more) you’ll become a mega-buck income producing sales pro in no time flat

In order to become successful at selling, Stan says you have to be more prepared than your customer. That means you have to have more ways to say “yes” than they have to say “no.” You need to have at least 10 closing lines memorized, and know which one to break out at which moment. You have to know your customer and sell not only your product, but also yourself. The good news is – that’s easier than you probably think. And this webinar explains it all.

– 39-minute audio webinar, 14-page transcript

8. Bonus #7: The Sales Secrets for Super Stars Webinar

Sales training legend Stan Billue says most buyers are liars, and most sales superstars know this.

IFor example, if a couple walks into a car dealership and a salesperson asks them if they need help, they’re going to say they’re “just looking.” But everybody knows they didn’t get all dressed up on a Sunday and drive over to the dealership just to look at shiny new paint jobs. They’re more than thinking about buying, and they need help to make the right decision. Prospects have just heard the same scripted sales questions so many times they’ve become programmed to brush you off.

So, how do sales superstars get around the brush-off? You’ll hear that and many more secrets in this webinar with Stan Billue including…

How to become a great closer – Stan says the average salesperson only knows 3 closes, and usually leads with the powerhouse, “Well what do you think?” Here’s how to do it like the superstars

The pure magic of the “trial close:” Stan’s “can’t miss” ways to check in with your prospects throughout your conversation to see if (and when) they’re ready to close

Why you shouldn’t automatically answer any objections – and the only thing you should be doing instead

The right way to qualify prospects in the first place – and how to use that to tailor your presentation to their wants

A very simple tactic for getting free sales training from top brokers – just by innocently checking out how your competition does things>

The sneaky (yet little known) way to get past a gatekeeper so you know exactly when and how to reach your decision-making prospect

The three little words you may want to include in all your presentations – Stan says this simple phrase could make you a superstar faster than anything else

Exactly why Stan will have you yelling an excited, “Yes!” after every rejection you get

Why it’s so important to keep a positive attitude in sales, and key strategies for helping you become the winner you were meant to be

Stan says anyone can be a sales superstar. You just need three things
. The burning desire to improve
. The commitment of setting aside time each day for learning a new skill or technique
. And a few proven techniques themselves
. And with this audio, you’ve already got number three covered.

– 26-minute audio webinar, 10-page transcript

9. Bonus #8: Winning The War On objections Webinar: Overcome And Eliminate objections While Never Giving Up Control Again

When it comes to objections, legendary sales trainer Stan Billue says you just have to remember what your prospect is really doing – asking for more information. When they say they can’t afford your product or that they want to think it over, they’re really saying, “Yes, I’m interested — that’s why I’m still talking to you after 20-30 minutes, but you just haven’t quite sold me yet. Can you give me some more information? I’m still a little unsure.”

The most important thing you need to do, though, is stay in control. You have two choices when you hear an objection – you can talk about what your prospect wants to talk about and lose control of your conversation, or you can dig into your toolbox of proven techniques and guide the presentation to a close. And in this audio, you’ll hear how to do that.

You’ll Also Hear…

The 4 ways to handle objections, which ones are most effective, and the one you’ll always want to avoid (and how)

Real-life examples of when salespeople lose control of their presentations, and how to get it back – quick

Why you should always have a long and short answer for each of your most common objections – and when (and how) to break them out

The single most-effective word you’ll want to include when controlling objections (Because not too many salespeople are using this word yet, it’s still magically successful)

Stan’s two-step formula for quashing objections fast; his “switch-off technique;” the benefits-summary method – and more tactics you can use for every presentation

A peek into Stan’s personal toolbox for handling objections

Why it’s so important to ask prospects why they didn’t buy if you miss a sale – the best way to do that – and exactly what you should do with that information once you get it

Word-for-word scripts for handling objections naturally and effectively – for just about every scenario

The power of becoming a great storyteller – and how to use your stories to conquer objections easily and conversationally (using the beauty of a third-party testimonial)

Stan says the one thing you never want to do when it comes to objections is wing it. You need to have scripted, prepared tactics and responses that you’ve rehearsed enough times they all sound natural. Know what you want to say, how you want to say it, and never give up control again. And in this audio, you’ll hear how.

– 26 minute audio webinar, 14-page transcript


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