Step By Step Mobile Marketing – Dan Hollings

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Step By Step Mobile Marketing – Dan Hollings



Step By Step Mobile Marketing – Dan Hollings
Step By Step Mobile Marketing – Dan Hollings


Here is why you need this Step-By-Step Mobile Training…

– Those on a mobile phone are 3 times more likely to purchase something than those on a computer
– 3.4 billion people are on mobile… compared to only 500 million on Facebook (yes, this is 6.8 times bigger than Facebook!)
– 93% of the U.S. population has a mobile phone
– 73% of consumers WANT coupons delivered to their mobile devices (and most are NOT getting them!)
– An AVERAGE U.S. Business mobile advertising campaign runs from $75,000 – $100,000
– In some industries, 7 out of 10 shoppers check the store’s website while they’re in the retail establishment! 46% of shoppers checked competitors’ website using a mobile device while in bricks and mortar stores
– Mobile commerce is ALREADY approaching the same level of sales as online retail
– Unlike computers and televisions, mobile devices are the one medium that are always with people, whether the bathroom, the bedroom, or the car

The First Ever TRUE Mobile Marketing Consultant Step-By-Step Coaching Program

It’s called Step-by-Step Mobile . It’s a top-flight coaching program that starts where all other Mobile programs leave off.

Step-by-Step Mobile is an exclusive series of strategy sessions covering only the core essentials you need to know to make money.

Step-by-Step Mobile does not repeat anything you’ve learned elsewhere. Instead it dives deep into the “What’s New” and “How” of Mobile Marketing. It makes the seemingly complex…step-by-step simple!

You’ll get coached by me personally over the next 20 weeks(!) through 10 sessions. Let’s talk about each session now…

Mobile Coupons: Creating Your Own Mini-Groupon

Do you know what Groupon is? It’s a “deal of the day” website that was recently offered $6,000,000,000 (6 Billion!) by Google – even though the site is less than 3 years old.. and was started as a “side projtect” by Andrew Mason, a young kid!

Do you know how easy it is to create your own “mini-groupon” site based around mobile coupons?

I’ll show you how to do this step by step WITHOUT even needing a website, domain name or hosting! Then you’ll discover how to get local businesses BEGGING you to let them into your “coupon network.” Of course you’ll let them in…for a nice fee.

Mobile Apps: Point & Click Profits

You only have to look as far as the latest Clickbank launch to see how hot “software” is…and mobile software is the hottest of all. There are hard ways to create mobile apps, and there are easy ways. We prefer easy.

I don’t care if you have absolutely ZERO experience in coding or software development. There is a simple “point and click” resource that can build your apps for you…so if you can send a text message, you can create an app.

Not only do I show you how to easily develop these apps…I show you something MORE important: how to make a boat-load of money selling them online OR “leasing” them to local businesses.

QR Code Cash: Making Money From Weird Graphics

I’ll show you how to generate those funny looking graphics and make money from them.

I’ll show you how to set these up in minutes for local businesses so they’ll be paying you as a “QR CODE” Consultant for basically taking the 5 minutes to copy my step-by-step action plan.

You could build a six figure business with just a half hour of work a day with the step-by-step action plan in this session.

mCommerce: Direct Mobile Money

mCommerce is actually getting a customer to make a purchase DIRECTLY from their mobile phone. In fact, 1 out of 9 shoppers last year, during the Christmas season, bought something directly from their mobile phone.

Remember when ring tones were hot? Like to the tune of multiple billions hot? That was the first type of mCommerce that existed. There is a NEW opportunity out there for mCommerce that puts the ring tones market to shame. I’ll share with you what it is and how to take advantage of it step-by-step in this module.

Mobile SEO: gaming the system for fun and profit

It wasn’t that long ago you could get on the first page of the search engines…simply by running an “algo cracker.” How it worked: there were only 35 parameters that accounted for ranking high in the search engine.

What you did – found a number 1 page for any hot keyword…ran an “algo cracker,” and then built your page precisely around what the cracker told you to. Result? You could generate #1 pages at will.

Now we know it’s not nearly that easy. In fact it’s almost impossible to get ranked number 1 for anything but those goofy super long tail keywords.

Well guess what? Forget traditional SEO. Think MOBILE SEO…the same opportunity exists for high Mobile Search rankings NOW that existed 10 years ago for those elite few who had an algo cracker. I’m going to give you the exact step-by-step formula to crack the code for mobile rankings and easy profits.

Mobile Social: make friends, make profits

Roughly HALF of all social media users are hitting sites like Facebook and Twitter on a mobile device.

Yet every marketer and their brother is ignoring this fact. What does this mean? Nobody is using specific money making tactics to target those HALF a billion people who are on Twitter and Facebook with their mobile device.

Now you’ll discover how to do it step-by-step – this is a HUGE opportunity you NEED to take advantage of right now.

Kindle & iPad Mobile Money

Since Mobile use is on the rise…and soon will be the BIGGEST medium to access the Internet… you need to be where mobile users are.

And when it comes to information, most are using mobile digital readers like the Kindle and the iPad. Are you selling them ebooks and other things for their Kindles and iPads?

If not, you should. And it’s super simple. Discover the best ways to make nice pay days through publishing Kindle and iPad works.

Mobile Landing Pages

After this session, you’ll be making mobile friendly sites for you local businesses in a flash.

I’ll show you how to make $500 or more for 5 to 15 minutes of work. Plus, I’ll show you how to use Mobile landing pages in YOUR own business to get local clients to automatically want to do business with you…and how to use it for Internet marketing purposes (slick!).

Mobile Affiliate Marketing: Turn Pennies Into Hundreds

Mobile advertising is so darn cheap it’s practically free.

The problem: most people are promoting affiliate offers where the sales pages are NOT mobile friendly. And the shopping carts to those sales pages are NOT mobile friendly either.

Result – most people are still making “okay” money with Mobile advertising, but they’re making about 10% of what they could make.

And that’s the difference between 6 figures and a MILLION dollars. I’ll show you exactly how to do mobile advertising the RIGHT way – to get “clicks” for pennies and promote the best converting offers on the mobile networks.


I’m not revealing the nature of this session for fear my competitors will try to knock it off.

It’s big though. Something NO ONE is doing right now that represents a ton of “low hanging fruit” money. I want you to be the first to know about it. And the only way you’ll discover it is to sign up for my training.
30 Day Iron-Clad 100%
Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success is important to me…
If you aren’t 100% happy just let me know within 30 days…
And we will promtly refund all your money.
No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple!
Dan Hollings

First live coaching session is: May 9th, 2011. All coaching sessions are recorded and archived in the members area, which you get lifetime access to.
Yes! Dan, Please Give Me Access To Step-By-Step Mobile Coaching

I understand I’ll get 10 action packed LIVE coaching sessions with you over the span of 20 weeks when I sign up right now!

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you’re generous enough to offer me a 30 day money-back guarantee if I’m unsatisfied in any way.



Step By Step Mobile Marketing – Dan Hollings


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