The Secret of Raising Money – Seth Goldstein & Michael Simpson

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The Secret of Raising Money – Seth Goldstein & Michael Simpson



The Secret of Raising Money – Seth Goldstein & Michael Simpson
The Secret of Raising Money – Seth Goldstein & Michael Simpson


You can raise money easily…

You just have to know the rules….


Presenting: “The Secret of Raising Money”

The Easiest Way to Go From Bootstrapped To Funded…

You’ll get culmination of 20 years of fundraising and literally 1000s of hours of effort that condenses the best wisdom on how to get funded into a single book…

You’ll ALSO get a pitchdeck template library, financial model templates, cap table, budget, exclusive new video interview footage, and much much more…

Learn all of the following:

  • The networking mistakes you are making today
  • The techniques you need to get investors whipped up into a frenzy over your company
  • Why your financial model is meaningless
  • A formula for choosing the right investor for you
  • Why your pitch sucks and how to fix it


Get insider information from the world’s best VC’s….

You will get access to interviews from some of the finest minds on fundraising on the planet. For example:


Here’s what’s inside the book

Chapter 1: Set the course
  • Funding sources (e.g. Angel, VC, crowdfunding etc.), and the pros and cons of each
  • How to choose equity or debt
  • How to make your debt sexy
  • Timing: Learn when to raise your round
  • Overview of funding rounds (Seed, Series A etc.)
  • Co-ordination and emotional investment – how to prepare for the rollercoaster
Chapter 2: Prepare the materials
  • Learn how to craft your 1 sentence, 30 second and 30 minute pitch
  • How to craft an e-mail summary
  • Build the perfect pitch deck – slide by slide instructions. Includes information on market sizing
  • Learn how much you should raise
  • What to put in your financial model
  • Why “business plans” are irrelevant
Chapter 3: Meet investors
  • How to pick the right targets
  • The no.1 technique you should use to meet investors
  • E-mail etiquette
  • The cold e-mail
  • Meeting investors via blogs
  • LinkedIn
  • The NDA
  • How to use AngelList
Chapter 4: Sell your story
  • The three key components of investor psychology
  • The three criteria investors use to evaluate you
  • The three key pillars of entrepreneur psychology
  • Preparing for the pitch
  • How to pitch
  • Storytelling
  • What to do after the pitch
Chapter 5: Close
  • What to expect from legal due diligence
  • What to expect from business due diligence
  • The clauses of the term sheet, and the market standard for each
  • The clauses of a convertible note and the market standard for each
  • Valuation

and much, much more…

No Matter What or Who You Know,

Look – there is no magic pill that is going to solve all your problems for you…No matter how many insider secrets we give you, the fact remains: You still have to be building an awesome product that people want to use. No tricks or gimmicks will make up for that.

BUT! There ARE tools, processes, tactics and practices that WILL enable you to become more attractive to investors….

The Elite Bundle

Your complete guide to raising money


Raising Money




The Secret of Raising Money – Seth Goldstein & Michael Simpson


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