The Ultimate PBN Course

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The Ultimate PBN Course



The Ultimate PBN Course
The Ultimate PBN Course


The other day a good friend was telling me how he quit his day job. It was just last year.

He had a great job – a gig in accounting – steady pay, decent hours, & it was stable. He could even work from home on Fridays.

Not bad, right…

He hated it though, and I can relate. Just about all corporate jobs have some “soul sucking” part.

Last year, he started up a couple niche sites after reading about Pat Flynn, Alex Becker, and Spencer Haws. He was obsessed.

He was building links all over the place and one of his sites was ranking in the top 30 – 40. It was gaining momentum.

There was some traffic – only 10 visitors per day. He bought a few link packages from a reputable Private Blog Network service (that we can’t mention here) and things started happening…

His site hit the first page – a game changing event – within 3 weeks.

The traffic doubled within the first month.

The traffic went up by 8x when the site moved from spot #8 to spot #2.

The earnings went through the roof once all that organic traffic hit the site. Within a couple months, he was making over $2k per month.

He had figured it out…

Private Blog Networks were the secret for rankings.


It’s a given in 2014 that your website needs to have HIGH authority backlinks. You gotta have them. But how can you get backlinks? You could try to run a white hat, squeaky clean content marketing campaign…But let’s be serious…the ROI is low for white hat efforts.

In fact, if your website is an affiliate site, then good luck getting any backlinks through content marketing! It is hard to get those high quality, high authority backlinks efficiently.

So what can you do? You can build your own PBN!

Gone are the days of Pat Flynn’s “Linking Strategy That Works”…In fact, if you check out that page, you’ll see that Pat has added a disclaimer that maybe that strategy isn’t working so well now. That was back in 2010 after all.

If you followed any of the case studies in the last year, you know that backlinks from expired domains are a key piece of the puzzle. The case studies are from the people that are building sites that actually make money. Let’s not forget that…

PBNs work so well that people are paying big money for those kind of backlinks. They are expensive too – on average $200 per month, or more. That means that the people paying $200 a month are earning more than that. Usually a LOT more.

What if you could build backlinks from a network? And what if you didn’t have to pay an expensive monthly fee?

Pretty sweet, right?

You can when you have your own PBN.

The Ultimate Private Blog Network Course will show you how to build your own PBN.


  • Step by Step Instructions (No prior experience is needed)
  • Downloadable PDFs (Learn anytime)
  • Over 3 hours of Video (Watch over our shoulders)
  • Checklists and Worksheets (Remove the mystery)
  • Discounts w/ The Top Domain Brokers (Get top domains cheaper)

This is a sneak peek of the course. We really will be holding nothing back and giving up some of our most prized tips and resources.




The Ultimate PBN Course


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