Thomas Leonard – 15 Coaching Proficiencies

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Thomas Leonard – 15 Coaching Proficiencies



Thomas Leonard – 15 Coaching Proficiencies
Thomas Leonard – 15 Coaching Proficiencies


Thomas Leonard – 15 Coaching Proficiencies [15 CDs (MP3) + 1 eBook (PDF) + 2 Screenshots (PNG)]

15 Coaching Proficiencies:
The Foundation For Every Great Coaching Environment And The Creation Of Lasting Change

Author: Thomas Leonard



Brief Description:

For more details about the 15 Coaching Proficiencies collection, and how it can create an assertive, empowering environment for your helping business, continue reading below…

Dear Coach,

The release of this print-edition of the infamous ‘15 Proficiencies’ is nothing short of a milestone, but it is also a profound beginning. With it, worlds of possibility open up for those previously unfamiliar with what coaching fundamentally is. There may be 100s of other methods of learning coaching, but none so relevant or accessible as this, to BOTH coaches and non-coaches living in our changing times.

Creating A Provocative Coaching Environment Leads Your Clients Trust and Action, Music To Any Service Professional’s Ears

This thing called a ‘coaching environment’ is the secret ingredient in the most successful of service businesses, whether you call yourself a ‘coach’ or not, and it doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, Thomas Leonard, the father of modern professional coaching who authored and facilitated the development of the 15 proficiencies, put it this way


It’s true. This collection of 15 things forms the basis for why coaching is so fundamentally important in every facet of society. Whether you’re brand new to this idea of coaching, or an advanced coach, when you read them the first time, they may seem simple. But try reading them again. Or better yet, read them before you go into a client meetings today. Apply them to your personal relationship. Try transmitting some of their wisdom to your children.

Will you accept my invitation to let the proficiencies energize you in just a small way beginning this week?

What If A Safer, Candid Environment Built Through Coaching Fundamentals Allowed Your Clients To Trust You More Deeply, Making Your Work Less Of A Struggle?

A Coaching Approach Is No Longer Optional, It’s Expected By YOUR Customers and Clients…Question Is, How Do You Get It For Your Business?

My name is Andrea J. Lee and as General Manager of for Thomas Leonard from 2001 to 2003, the 15 Proficiencies have made an indelible mark on my life and work. I’ve waited a long time to be able to release them in this format to you, and boy, am I celebrating!

If there’s one thing I know Thomas wished for this piece of his life’s work, it was that everyone who works with other human beings could encounter and apply them. As you’ll see when you review the actual proficiencies, available openly in printable chart form below, these are in fact proficiencies for life, as well as finely-edged proficiencies used by some of the best professional coaches in the world.

Coaching, Consulting, Teaching, Training, All Kinds Of Helping Land Better With Clients, Go Deeper, Results Last, Clients Stay Longer…with the help of the 15 Coaching Proficiencies

Not many people know how emotional Thomas Leonard was when announcing them at the first-ever CoachVille Conference in Las Vegas just 2 years before his passing. Bear in mind, this is the man credited with bringing coaching as we know it today, to the mainstream.

Each of the Proficiencies has stood the test of time, so with only the slightest of refinements, upgrading of sound quality, minimal editing, formatting and packaging, I find myself incredibly grateful to be able to bring this material to you.

Finally, This Simple Yet Finely-Nuanced Coaching System By Coaching’s Founding Father Is Available To All… for Accelerated Results

The original 15 Proficiencies by Thomas Leonard, full MP3 recordings plus complete learning guides – 15 in all – are now available in beautiful print format for easy referencing and sharing.

After a full year dedicated to making the best of Thomas’ work available for all, this last major pillar of work is probably the most important. It is the piece that would be most criminal were it to be lost. It is the least replicate-able by anyone else – it’s perhaps the single piece of work Thomas was most sent to earth to do.

All 15 Learning Guides, Transcripts and 50+ Full-Color Graphic Learning Tools Have Been Edited And Formatted In A 300+ Page Beautiful Paperback Volume For Quick Reference

The original 15 Proficiencies by Thomas Leonard, full MP3 recordings plus complete learning guides – 15 in all – are now available in beautiful print format for easy referencing and sharing.

Which is why the decision was made to invest in a graphic recreation of all the visual learning tools Thomas created, to make them print-ready in full-color, nothing less would be acceptable.

The fantastically learnable aspect of the proficiencies was a signature of Thomas’ efforts here, and we treated each of the full-color visuals just like a precious archaeological find. Click any of the thumbnails below for examples of what you’ll see throughout the print volume of Thomas Leonard’s 15 Proficiencies:


Coaching Schools, Certifications & Programs Come And Go Every Year, But Frankly, Material Of This Calibre Will Stand For The Ages and Is A Great Addition To Every Student Success Library – No Matter What Training You’ve Already Undergone

See for yourself whether the 15 Proficiencies aren’t applicable to your work, whether that’s in health care, relationships, ministry, public relations, executive training, corporate HR, work with teens or children…whatever your field of life endeavour, I would love to hear whether even a brief review of the 15 helps you see something more clearly almost right away.

The Man Widely Known As The Father Of Modern Professional Coaching Considered The Above The Best Work Of His Life – A Culmination Of His Entire Life

Ask any veteran coach and the answers are rather consistent – there is something very special that shines through the in-depth learning guides that dive into each proficiency. After all, there’s no other voice like Thomas’; he was the first to talk about coaching on Donahue, in Newsweek and Time Magazines. His name and work are personally celebrated by people in almost every country in the world. This vantage point can be claimed by absolutely no one else, and it provides the backdrop for this collection.

I hope you’ll give yourself the gift of enjoying it. Perhaps almost as much as I’ve enjoyed helping make the collection available!

The 15 Proficiencies Collection Is Now Available In Print (CD and Book Format) As Well As Email, And Includes:

• The 15 Proficiencies In-depth Learning Guides, one per proficiency, visual learning tools updated in full-color, and paperback bound in 300+ pages.

• 15 full transcripts, one per proficiency, on each of the 15 teleclasses led by Thomas, for easy reference.

• 15-CD Companion Audio Compilation: Fifteen original teleclass recordings led by Thomas Leonard, with class participation and guest instructors. All audio has been upgraded to the best possible sound quality based on original files.

As I hope you’ll discover for yourself soon enough, the collection deftly and deeply covers topics and themes that start with developing a national reputation, resolving psycho blocks, avoiding client turn-offs, bonding with your network, doubling value for clients and continues all the way to…using assessments as marketing giveaways (including four actual assessments), exciting new formats in coaching, winning websites, program packaging, and of course, the all-important increasing of current client retention rates.




Thomas Leonard – 15 Coaching Proficiencies


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