Todd Brown – Secret Email Persuasion and Conversion Tactics

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Todd Brown
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Todd Brown – Secret Email Persuasion and Conversion Tactics


Todd Brown – Secret Email Persuasion and Conversion Tactics
Todd Brown – Secret Email Persuasion and Conversion Tactics


From: Todd Brown

West Palm Beach, FL

If you don’t know ALL 24 of these tactics, let me tell you a little bit about them…

Used by most of the best and brightest email marketers on the planet, each of these 24 tactics radically increase prospect COMPLIANCE, ACTIONS, and CONVERSIONS.

And, it’s these exact tactics that are the real Secret Weapon behind some of the highest converting email campaigns ever to be launched.

What makes them so effective?

Well, it’s because each tactic subtly leverages a deeply-embedded automatic psychological trigger that when activated… moves readers to take the action you desire.

In fact, they’ve been TESTED and PROVEN to be more effective at creating email engagement and compliance than any other set of email tactics I’ve come across to date.

In plain language:

    • These 24 tactics will generate more email opens for you…
    • More clicks for you…
    • And more sales for you!

And, frankly, it’s the use of these exact tactics that separates the all-star from the average email marketers when it comes to pumping-out email messages that get opened, get clicks, and get sales in BIG numbers.

More Of The Same
Email Marketing Stuff, Right? 

Heck NO!

Maybe you’ve “been around the block” when it comes to email marketing.

Maybe you’ve bought almost every course or training there is on writing email copy.

Maybe you think you’ve seen it all, heard it all, and know it all when it comes to engineering email messages that make you money.

Well, I guarantee… you’ve never heard or seen ALL 24 of these tactics before.

And, if you’re not using them right now, you’re leaving a bundle of money on the table.

(Just ask any of the savviest email copywriters and marketers how much more money they make thanks to these 24 tactics.)

Fact is:

Getting your hands on these tactics puts you in the tiny, very elite crowd of in-the-know email marketers that make serious money from their email campaigns and are able to move large amounts of prospects practically at will.

So, Here’s The Deal:

If you see the enormous financial benefit and value in adding these 24 tactics to your marketing arsenal, than I have a SPECIAL INVITATION to extend your way.

It’s a complete multi-media training called, “Secret Email Persuasion and Conversion Triggers”.




Todd Brown – Secret Email Persuasion and Conversion Tactics


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