Travis Petelle – E-Com Start to Finish Project

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Travis Petelle – E-Com Start to Finish Project



Travis Petelle – E-Com Start to Finish Project
Travis Petelle – E-Com Start to Finish Project


How I Created A Six Figure Shopify Store Within 90 Days… Follow This Step By Step Walk Through To Do The Same!

Hey!  My name is Travis Petelle and over the past 2 years, I have been silently crushing it with E-Commerce.  It wasn’t until recently that I was able to systemize my process and put it into an easy and actionable plan that you can follow step by step to follow my same success.

That’s exactly what I want to help you achieve today by inviting you to join the Crushing E-Commerce family.  Follow the steps I lay out inside and you could be seeing results in record time.

Just look how quick Rachel had success after going through the training…

Here’s what’s included in this program…

– Extensive Step By Step Video Training Course

In this 40 part video training course, you’ll get to see every step of the e-commerce process from conception to creation to optimization and automation.  Follow what’s outlined in this video course and you could be making sales from your brand new store within the day.

The videos are broken down into 12 separate sections which cover the following topics:

Choosing Your Path
Market Research
Product Fulfillment
Store Creation
Advertising Round 1
Analyzing Results
Optimizing the Funnel
Scaling Winners
Expanding Product Lines
Margin Makers

– Complete Sales Funnel Templates

A big part of our success from e-commerce comes from the fact we control every aspect.  We are able to build leads and generate trust with our customers through email autoresponders and automatic message replies we have set up through the system.

In this section, you’ll get complete access to the exact same templates that I hand to my team to create our highly effective email autoresponders for our prospects and buyers.

Here are some of the templates you’ll find inside:

Fan Club Newsletter
Discount Funnel
Contest Newsletters
The How To Funnel
3 Layer Buyer Funnel
Abandon Cart Recover Email Series

– Real Life Case Studies That Generated $100k In Less Than 90 Days

So that I know you’re not missing anything to have just as much success as us, I’ve also included some great case studies in the Crushing E-commerce program.  You’ll get to see real life campaigns I’ve done and am still doing to continue growing my e-commerce stores.

These are the same campaigns that are responsible for creating the six figures in revenue our store was able to produce in less than 90 days.  Don’t miss out on these great walk through case studies.  Inside, you’ll see case studies on these topics:

Necklace Tripwires
Collection Retargeting
Quality Content Custom Audiences

– Extended Training + Lifetime ROI Access

On top of everything else, we will also be taking your new skill set and system to the next level by included even more extended training.  We’ll be having private webinars with industry experts to help cover some of the topics that we all want more on.

The private training webinars will be covering the following topics:

Dominating Video Advertising
Private Labeling Like A Pro

Not only do you get these extended training programs, but you will also receive lifetime access into my private Facebook group, ROI.  This group is full of like minded individuals who are looking to take their business to new heights.

This group is perfect for discussion and asking questions when your business hits a road block as we all know they will.




Travis Petelle – E-Com Start to Finish Project


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