Vin DiCarlo – Dominant Sexual Power

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Vin DiCarlo – Dominant Sexual Power


Vin DiCarlo – Dominant Sexual Power
Vin DiCarlo – Dominant Sexual Power


The Core of the Product

The program is based on four concepts: Vision, Compliance, Shaping and Sexual Tension. These are described and explained in the audio package you receive when you buy the product.

Throughout the 12 weeks that follow, you receive ‘video coaching’ episodes featuring Vin DiCarlo. Each is of between 30 minutes and 1 hour long. In these he gives you tips on implementing the four concepts and answers some questions from users of the course.

What is New?
There is a lot of new and original content in the sections on “Compliance and “Shaping”.

Vin DiCarlo has made advice on the concept of “Compliance” a part of most of his products. You’ll find some basic material on it in “The Attraction Code”. In Dominant Sexual Power he provides you with a lot more depth and details on how to get compliance, and its purpose in relationships with women. For those of you familiar with the concept it will help you to understand it more fully, relate it to practical actions you can take, and apply it more in your life.

“Shaping” contains a lot of new and very useful advice on how to shape your relationships with women and make them more healthy. The principle is to eliminate or minimize negative behaviors and emphasize a woman’s positive behaviors in your relationships. This is without a doubt the most useful part of the course and even guys at an advanced level will learn new things. In fact, the section on “Shaping” is not so relevant for beginners, because it is more sophisticated. As with many products, there is also a fair amount of content that you will have seen in other mainstream dating company products if you have used them. The concepts are named differently, or explained differently, but remain the same.

The section on “sexual tension” has a lot of mainstream advice. It contains a lot of the basic principles on attracting women, that have originated from companies such as Venusian Arts, Love Systems and Real Social Dynamics.

The section on “Vision” mostly contains advice that you may have seen in “Become Mr. Right” or other products and originates from the works written by David Deida with “Way of the Superior Man”.
Sophisticated – Not for the Complete Beginner
Overall the program is quite advanced stuff. To take full advantage of the material you will have to string together and apply the four components taught in the course (Vision, Compliance, Shaping and Sexual Tension).

This won’t be easy, and will take thought and ‘homework’ and practice before it becomes more natural for you.

If you are a beginner, it is not that you won’t find a lot of useful tips in this program. You will get a lot of value from applying advice and tips that you find in each section of the program, but to apply the whole method together will be overwhelming for you. If you aren’t already doing well with women, then you won’t get the full value from the program.

You will have to become proficient with dating skills in general and confident with each of the four concepts before you get the full value.

The upside of this is that applying the advice in the program could keep you busy for a long time. You’ll get a lost of mileage out of it, and your ‘game’ will get better as you implement the concepts into your life in increasingly sophisticated ways.

Strangely enough, the title of the product is “Dominant Sexual Power” implying that it will teach you to become better at sex with women on some level. However, I feel that if you don’t already have good sexual skills in particular, you won’t get this method to work for you. The requirement of getting the results that the course promises is that you are having good sex with your woman, and because she values this part of the relationship you will get the other benefits the program promises.
Most Valuable in the Context of Relationships
A lot of the value in this program is in using the advice within ongoing relationships. The advice on vision, compliance and shaping will be most effective when used in the context of the longer term.

For example, if you are looking to learn something that will help you when you go out to a bar to meet and attract a new girl into your life, this isn’t the product best suited to that.

The strength of the product is in consistent use of the advice in your relationships to improve their quality and get them moving in a direction that is supportive of your lifestyle, goals and aspirations for women. In this, I think that it can help you to ‘really excel’.
Weaker Points
This is a strong program, without many weak points to speak of. Having said that, what I found weak was:

* Section on Sexual Tension: This section was basically about creating tension with women, which is mainstream advice that you’ll find in most products. Most of the advice was good, but there was some that I felt was added in to make it sound more ‘innovative’, but really just made it a little confusing for the listener. There were a couple of points and examples given by one of Vin DiCarlo’s trainers in the core audio program that were at best confusing and in my opinion wrong.
* Advice on Sex: Whilst “Sex” features in the name “Dominant Sexual Power” and the marketing (“Sex” is the first word on the product home page) there is little to no advice on sex itself. This could be said to be a little misleading. In the course they offer some very brief advice on aspects of sex. Its brevity and the lack of focus makes it not very useful. For example, on the subject of increasing your ‘sexual libido and drive’ some advice is offered, but it isn’t well researched or communicated. Skip over the advice on increasing your testosterone in particular (too brief, some of it wrong).
* Complexity Becoming Awkward: This is a very sophisticated product in its aspirations. It aims to take you to a level where you’re applying specific patterns and sequences of the skills taught to create more impact. This is great and as said before gives the product more mileage, for you to get value from it. But… at times the complexity is unnecessarily pushed to unbeneficial levels, even for advanced guys. For example, in Week 10 of the video coaching Vin DiCarlo provides advice on creating ‘advanced sexual tension’ which was just adding details that make it more difficult to implement and really would make no or little difference. You can skip it.

The Bottom Line

This is a solid program, and pretty good value for money.

The Ideal User: If you are at an advanced level and you want to take your relationships and lifestyle with women to the next level, there is excellent advice in this product to help you do that. I highly recommend it in this case.




Vin DiCarlo – Dominant Sexual Power


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