Wendy Patton – Get the Deed “Subject To”

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Wendy Patton – Get the Deed “Subject To”


Wendy Patton – Get the Deed “Subject To”
Wendy Patton – Get the Deed “Subject To”


Get the Deed “Subject To”

Many sellers are looking to sell their home, but their market is soft and they need a solution. Some sellers can’t sell while others might be in pre-foreclosure and need a way out. Subject Tos are a great way to purchase properties without using any of your own money. Sometimes sellers will PAY YOU to take their deed! Interesting? Read on!

Discover how to buy properties without using any extra money or credit. It seems unbelievable that anyone would give you the deed to their home without you paying off their mortgage. This means their mortgage stays in place and you just make payments on their mortgage. Some people will even pay you cash to take their deed! A subject to is when the seller gives you the deed to their home but leaves their mortgage in place for you to make the payments. There is no qualifying for the loan and many sellers today will do this with you.

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Wendy recommends only taking the deed, or doing a subject to, when the seller has equity they are willing to give up and they have a great mortgage in place that will not adjust. If this is not the case, look at the lease option method.

In this course, Wendy shows you how to determine the difference and how to structure the deals accordingly. While other investors are writing checks and putting their own money at risk you will be keeping all of your cash in your pocket, using a piece of paper instead (the deed)!

In this course you will learn:

  • How to negotiate with the seller to give you their deed.
  • How to protect yourself legally.
  • Where to find sellers that have equity and good mortgage payments.
  • What to say to the seller when they ask questions or bring up objections.
  • How to determine the profitability of a deal and then structure your offer around it.



Wendy Patton – Get the Deed “Subject To”


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