Wholesaling Houses – Alex Saenz

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Wholesaling Houses – Alex Saenz




What we can learn from Wholesaling Houses?

This Wholesaling Real Estate Course is a 6 week course in which we will learn step-by-step everything we need to know and more on how Alex was able to go out and get a $10,000+ wholesale deal at 18 and then how Alex has been able to scale from there to hit five and six figures per month.

This course will show us the hottest marketing streams to use in today’s market that are actually working, how to determine a property’s worth with extreme accuracy, the highly effective phone system for managing our leads and so on.

  • Section 1 – Wholesaling Real Estate 101.
  • Section 2 – Lead Lists And Marketing Channels.
  • Section 3 – Processing Your Seller Leads.
  • Section 4 – Closing The Seller.
  • Section 5 – Getting Your Check.


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