William Bronchick – Alternative Real Estate Financing

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William Bronchick – Alternative Real Estate Financing



William Bronchick – Alternative Real Estate Financing
William Bronchick – Alternative Real Estate Financing


Covers “Subject–to”, Land Contracts,“Nothing Down” & more…

Don’t Let Lack of Money Stop You From Making Money!!

Did you know that owner financing is the most preferred and profitable way of buying and selling properties, yet few investors fully utilize this valuable tool. Why? Simple… lack of knowledge and, even worse, lack of experienced professionals that they can turn to for help. Most real estate agents and title companies don’t understand the process and won’t help you use this valuable tool. Few attorneys understand the process and those that do charge a substantial fee!

Are you a beginner and have limited funds, experience or ability to qualify for financing? Or, are you an experienced investor who is tired of buying properties the conventional way, qualifying for loans, then renting to deadbeat tenants? Have you been turned down by the banks because you have too many loans or lack of capital for down payments? Do you want to make cash flow NOW from real estate investing instead of waiting for appreciation?

This is a brand new, up–to–date program, featuring dozens of slick, new ideas for making money in today’s real estate market. You will learn from one of the nation’s leading attorneys and experts on how to buy properties for maximum profit and minimum cash or risk. This isn’t just “theory” – you get legal forms, a CD–ROM instruction disc and copies of a professionally recorded seminar so you can review the materials over and over.

You will find many books and tapes available on real estate investing, but none as complete as William Bronchick’s Real Estate Success Library. The techniques, strategies and legal forms come from William Bronchick’s personal experience as an attorney and investor who is actively involved in real–life deals.

Here’s Just a Small Sample of What You Will Learn from this program:
How to buy “Subject–to”… step–by–step. How to get sellers to deed you properties for free! Bill goes through all of the paperwork in a step–by–step checklist.
15 “nothing down” formulas that work in today’s market – even yours! Anyone can buy “no money down,” but there’s a right and wrong way to do it. You will learn the most profitable and sensible ways to buy with little or no cash in today’s market. Anyone can buy real estate with no money down, but few can do it without risking their necks! Bill Bronchick will show you the smart way to buy nothing down so your risk is reduced nearly to zero.
Understanding the mechanics of contract for deed. Bill explains it in “plain English” for you to understand. You will learn the all of the legal lingo and practical “ins and outs” of contract for deed aka “installment land contract” (not applicable in TX as of 9/1/2005).
How to profit from foreclosures, even if there is no equity in the deal! People are overlooking one of the best source of deals for owner–financing: over–financed properties, that is, more is owed than the house is worth! You will learn how to spot profitable deals that everyone else overlooked and make “lemons” into lemonade!
How to buy a new, big, beautiful home in the next 60 days with no money down! Using the same owner–financing techniques, you will learn how to buy a brand new “executive” home with no cash or bank qualifying. And, there will be dozens of homes to choose from!
How to understand and draft all of the legal forms – no law degree needed! Bill’s seminars really shine on this aspect because he is a seasoned real estate attorney. Most other seminars gloss over the paperwork, telling you to “go see your lawyer.” In this case, you are seeing the attorney! You will learn how to draft the necessary paperwork to get the deal done (while other investors are waiting for return calls from their lawyers!).
How to create a “wraparound” deal that brings in hassle–free monthly cash flow! Wraparound deals bring in interest payments, not rent. You aren’t fixing toilets and screen doors. You are “banker,” collecting passive income every month while enjoying your new lifestyle!
How to raise huge sums of cash using substitution of collateral. This one technique will allow you to borrow thousands of dollars without interest, credit, collateral or personal recourse!
How to get around lender “20% down payment” rules. You will learn how to get low–interest rate loans without having to plunk down a large cash down payment.
How to buy properties with “due–on–sale” mortgages that aren’t assumable. Most real estate agents will tell you there are no more “assumable” loans, but what they don’t know is how to make any loan assumable. You will learn how to get around the mortgage due–on–sale clause safely and effectively.
Secrets of “wrapping” VA mortgages that even your realtor doesn’t know! This one is such a good secret that it won’t be revealed until the workshop! But, just know there is a 100% foolproof way to get around the due–on–sale on VA loans.
Tax–Saving Tricks: How to How to use a land trust, a self–directed IRA and a 1031 exchange for ultimate tax savings & leverage!
Understanding the difference between a contract and a wraparound mortgage. You’ll learn the difference between a traditional wraparound mortgage, all–inclusive trust deed (AITD) and wraparound land contract. You’ll know more than 99% of investors, real estate agents, attorneys and title companies.
Real–life case studies – both buying and selling on contract for deed. You’ll see multiple case studies, including the facts and figures of each deal.
How to multiply the value of cash reserves. Make your cash work hard for you! Even though you can buy real estate with nothing down, you’ll learn what to do with your cash. Bill will show you ways to safely earn 50% return or better – TAX FREE!
Understanding state and federal law applicable to owner–financing: A complete review of state law on land contracts and federal lending laws. (sorry, techniques related to installment land contracts not applicable in TX)
How to protect yourself when buying and selling under contract for deed Bill reveals his tricks of the trade. Every seminar guru tells you the good news, but what about the risks? What do you do if a buyer stops paying? What if the seller renegs on a deal? You’ll learn all of the potential things that can go wrong and how to protect yourself from these disasters!
How to do a “kitchen table” closing without a title company or an attorney
How to market properties to sell quickly, easily and for the most profit, even in a soft real estate market! Even if your market is slow, you will learn proven techniques to move houses fast.
Cash out your equity fast – how to sell your notes for QUICK CA$H to a note buyer
Increase your profit substantial by knowing a few new tricks – how to profit by discounting mortgages and liens
How to nearly double the value of any property with a lot split – who needs condos?
How to leverage yourself using partners’ credit & money – how to partner up with others to maximize your leverage and time
Understanding the tax implications of owner financing. Who gets to deduct what? What forms to file with the IRS? How do your report income? All of your questions answered in a simple, understandable format.
How to negotiate owner–financing. You’ll learn unique tips and tricks of the trade, including role–playing scenarios with sellers and buyers. You’ll know exactly what to say to overcome every objection!
…And Much, Much More!



William Bronchick – Alternative Real Estate Financing


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