Yaro Starak – Blog Mastermind 2.0

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Yaro Starak – Blog Mastermind 2.0



Yaro Starak – Blog Mastermind 2.0
Yaro Starak – Blog Mastermind 2.0


A Proven Pathway To Full-Time Internet
Income WITHOUT Selling Your Soul!

Blogging is one of the most straight forward methods to start an internet business. It is financially lucrative, personally satisfying, can be built on something you already enjoy, and (in my experience) is by far the best way to get started making money online.

You don’t need a lot of equipment, money, or even writing skills.

I’m convinced anyone can start a blog from scratch, build an audience, and have a genuine income potential of anywhere from$10,000 up to $55,000 per month or more, if they follow the steps I’m about to reveal to you.

Yes, you can do it, too.

Here’s what that means to you…

Pro Blogger

No One Controls Your Life…

Would you like to be able to add some serious excitement to your life…

…to create something that is uniquely your own…

…that has the potential to make you enough money that you can stay in bed on cold, blustery winter mornings instead of having to go to work…

…or would let you go to the beach on Wednesday if the surf is up, or to simply spend time chatting with friends whenever you wanted?…

If that sounds like something you want for your own life, stay with me because I’d like to share my simple system with you and teach you how to duplicate my results and start earning a full time income blogging part time.

I have a tested and proven system called
Blog Mastermind. It’s a week-by-week coaching program in which I show you, step-by-step, how to:

Step 1

Set up and
customize your blog

(even if you don’t have a
clue about “tech stuff”!)


Build your

(this has got to be the easiest
way to get traffic ever invented!)

Step 3

…and make

(yes, a full-time income is possible
working as little as 2 hours a day, like I do!)

Blog Mastermind is for:

  • People who are tired of sitting on the fence and want to start earning a generous income online doing something you love
  • Bloggers and online publishers who are looking for a way to generate MUCH more income from your blog with LESS time and effort.
  • Coaches, Experts, Authors, Speakers, Trainers, or Entrepreneurs who want to use a blog as a marketing tool to establish authority, to “Build A Platform”, generate BUZZ, attract new business and create a massive competitive advantage in your niche.

A blog can make you the “Go-To” Guy or Gal in your
marketplace – and I show you exactly how inside my program

“Blog Mastermind is about finally having the
freedom to live life on your terms…
To wake up each day knowing you can do
WHAT you want, WHEN you want”

Yaro Starak

Let Me Explain…

I’m writing this page you are reading from a cafe in the city of my hometown Brisbane, Australia.

It’s mid-afternoon. I’m sitting here enjoying an orange juice and watching hundreds of people, wearing suits and work clothes, rushing back and forwards going to and from jobs they don’t like, jobs that leave them feeling empty and unfulfilled but they have to ‘stick with’ to keep food on the table and pay bills for yet another month.

That doesn’t have to be the story of your life.

As a successful Blogger, a whole new world of options opens up to you. Suddenly things that yesterday were just wishes, hopes and dreams become real life choices.

Stop Trading Hours-For-Dollars

If you currently work a job, or freelance, coach or consult, or do any activity where your potential to earn an income is capped by the hours you work, then it’s time for you to change. It’s time to choose a better business model.

Instead of getting paid-by-the-hour, why not get paid even while you are sleeping! – I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true.

Your blog can sell digital products to people around the world 24 hours a day. Transfer what you know into passive income streams.

Yaro Starak


Why Should You Listen To Me?

Good question! Here’s why I’m qualified to teach you how to start your own money making blog…

My name is Yaro Starak. You might already know me from my Blog Entrepreneurs-Journey.com or my EJ Podcast, or my video channel Yaro.TV, or perhaps you subscribe to my email newsletter.


I Went Online

I connected to the internet for the first time at university and quickly fell in love with the world wide web.

I Started Blogging

After success with various online businesses, I started a blog for the first time, opening up an entirely new way of making money online.

I Live The Laptop Lifestyle

Ten years later I still make my living entirely from blogging, traveling the world with my laptop.

I Was A Beginner…

When I first started my blog back in January 2005, I was an absolute beginner…

I quickly discovered that blogging was easy to do and also heaps of fun. I started to build a loyal, responsive readership.

My Blog visitor numbers kept growing day-by-day until one day I realized “Wow! I can actually make money with this!”, so I threw myself into experimenting with different techniques to make money.

Currently, I update my blog once a week, and consistently make a minimum of $10,000 US to as much as $55,000 US every single month!

And this is STABLE, reliable income (I’m still blogging for my living today – more than ten years later!), built on a solid foundation, not a temporary flash-in-the-pan, here-today-gone-tomorrow pipe dream.

How My Life Has Changed

While everyone needs money to survive, making money isn’t an end in itself – it’s the choices and freedom that money can give you that I value.

In 2007, after two years as a professional blogger, I realized two of my dreams – I bought a brand new car and purchased my own house – all from the proceeds of my blog business!

Suzuki Swift

I was able to purchase a brand new Suzuki Swift with tinted windows, safety pack and rust proofing as extras. I paid $25,000 cash in one full payment.



A couple of years later I gave the Swift to my mother, bought myself “man-toy” car. I paid $85,000 for a brand new BMW 135i — definitely an upgrade on the Suzuki!


1st House

Buying new cars is a great feeling, but it didn’t compare to experiencing what most people consider a lifelong dream – to buy my own home.

My first purchase was a new, three-bedroom, two-story townhouse in my home city of Brisbane, just 15 minutes drive from the center of the city. The house has a gas kitchen, back garden, large living area, garage, air conditioning and it’s very modern!


1st House

The Half-Million Bachelor Pad

Just two short years after buying my first home, in 2009 I bought a second property, a half-million dollar inner city apartment, with a massive outdoor area, swimming pool, gourmet kitchen, all right in the heart of all the action in Brisbane.

And this really blows my mind — I completely paid off the entire loan for my new apartment just two years later!

I became a “property millionaire” before aged 30 all thanks to this little blog I started back in 2005.


Postcard From Yaro

Travel The World And Make Money At The Same Time!

One of the great things blogging gives you is that you’re not tied down to one location. As long as you have a laptop and an Internet connection, you can work from anywhere.

Recently I went on a round the world trip traveling for 8 months, running my blog from places like Fiji, Hawaii, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Toronto, Montreal, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Athens, Dubai and Singapore, using just my laptop.


Yaro Starak

In each city I rented nice apartments and the whole time I was blogging and earning thousands of dollars. There’s just no way I could travel like this if I had a “real job”.

I even managed to come home after my travels with more money in my bank account than when I left – how often do you hear people say that about their holidays!

Blogging Has Changed…

At the end of 2014, I made the decision to once again teach people how to make money with a blog using the unique formula I have refined over the previous seven years.

A lot has changed. The internet is a MUCH more crowded place than when I started.

Because of this how you go about starting a blog business has changed too.

Back in the “good old days” you could start blogging, pick topics you were passionate about and people would find you. The traffic would start pouring in because no one else was doing it.

Then when you were ready you could switch on the money by running ads.

Sadly this just doesn’t work anymore. It’s an out-dated model because there are too many well established websites.

StressedYou end up spending months and months publishing content and your traffic just does not grow.

To make matters worse, with all the social media platforms and mobile applications, you can literally spend your entire life trying to build traffic using a
dozen different websites and apps.

It’s enough to drive anyone crazy!

Then there is the biggest problem of all…

You think you are not succeeding because you are not working hard enough, that you are not producing enough content like all the other top bloggers do.

You decide to redouble your efforts, to do more – add a podcast or videos or some other kind of epic content, creating even more work.

It’s great to produce amazing content and have a podcast or do videos, but there’s a time to expand, and that’s in response to success, not in response to failure.

When Did It All Get So Complicated?

When things don’t work, you should not add more things to do – you will do more of what doesn’t work and end up even more tired and frustrated.

If you’re like most bloggers you feel frustrated by your lack of traffic and income and overwhelmed by all the things you are “supposed” to do to build an audience.

You’re tired of seeing other people get more and more traffic and earn more and more money, while you struggle to make even $1,000 per month.

You’ve been told the key to success is to produce mountains and mountains of free content, build relationships and engage a community.

You’re supposed to be everywhere, showing up on podcasts, youtube, facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, pinterest, slideshare, instagram, kindle, and let’s not forget, build an email list too.

This is all on top of creating valuable content for your blog!

… And I haven’t even mentioned what you have to do to make money from all this work…

How on earth are you meant to do all of it, especially if you have a full time job?

What if I told you there is a smarter way to blog, a system that goes completely against all the common advice…

  1. You DO NOT need to be everywhere all over the internet
  2. You can earn MORE from LESS traffic
  3. You don’t need to be special, have a unique talent or perfect timing
  4. It’s not about using some kind of software technology or any “traffic tricks” that might get you in trouble with Google
  5. You do not produce free content hoping to be rewarded sometime in the future.
  6. It’s about eliminating tasks, not adding more things you have to do
  7. And it’s perfect for people just starting because you can validate where the money is with just a small amount of traffic

A Smarter Blogging System

I developed this smarter blogging system after years of testing and following different methods of blogging myself.

I’ve also had the privilege to coach over 3,000 paying members how to make money with a blog.

Graduates of my programs have gone on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars from their blog businesses, in niches as diverse as skiing, acne treatment, cars, tennis, home music studios, model trains, speed reading, book publishing, BMX bikes, financial advice for women, home loans, fat loss, sports betting, tv pitching and how to be a virtual assistant.

I’ve also helped two people start blogs that went on to make millions of dollars, which is truly mind boggling!




Yaro Starak – Blog Mastermind 2.0


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