Zig Ziglar – The Born To Win Seminar

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Zig Ziglar
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Zig Ziglar – The Born To Win Seminar



Zig Ziglar – The Born To Win Seminar
Zig Ziglar – The Born To Win Seminar

Discover your untapped greatness and how to win at life in TWO DAYS flat!
By Zig Ziglar
CD/DVD Version 15 CDs, 3 DVDs Containing 5 Sessions, Writable PDF Workbook & Writable PDF Performance Planner

In just 48 hours…
Your untapped greatness becomes visible.
Your surest path to success is revealed.

Were confident in this. Because thats precisely what tens of thousands of people have done who had the fortune to attend Zig Ziglars 25 year running and perpetually sold out Born to Win seminar.

Today Zig Ziglars legendary Born to Win seminar comes alive once again to inspire a whole new generation of achievers. Nightingale Conant proudly presents a complete audio and video solution to this popular seminar… The Born to Win Seminar: The Ultimate Zig Ziglar Library!

For more than 50 years, in a style that is unquestionably his own, Zig Ziglar has used his quick wit, down home charm, and abundance of energy to inspire excellence in people throughout the world.

In Nightingale Conants The Born to Win Seminar, Zigs nonstop passion inspires and informs throughout 15 audio CDs and five video sessions on 3 CDs. Hour after hour, Zig speaks to you as if youre sitting front row center in his sold out seminar. Plus, youll get Zigs Performance Planner and Workbook, both on CDs.

Heres just a sampling of what youll discover in Nightingale Conants The Born to Win Seminar. Youll learn:

To achieve balance by becoming a more complete person in seven key areas of
your life
How to develop and maintain a winners attitude and use it to achieve significant personal growth
How to build stronger professional and personal relationships using your own unique behavioral style
How to become a better leader, parent, and employee by learning the art of effective communications
The seven step goal setting process that will empower you to achieve exponentially more in less time
And volumes MORE
We believe this to be one of the most substantial and value driven programs weve put before our customers. Youll receive 15 audio CDs, 3 DVDs, and a writable PDF workbook packed full of achievement insights. Two entire days worth of motivation and success strategies.

Talking about his seminar, Zig says, Its going to be the most fun and exciting trip youll ever take. Its filled with more promise of reward than King Solomons mines. In short, this journey to the top, which you are going to be taking, is a tremendously exciting trip.

As incredible as DAY ONE and DAY TWO are,
the REAL results begin on DAYS THREE, FOUR, FIVE, and for the rest of your life…
From the first word spoken on the first CD all the way to the last, Zig Ziglars message is a ray of hope that grows into a floodlight of optimism, enthusiasm, and hope.

In The Born to Win Seminar, he commits to helping you change your life in just two days by addressing the most significant areas: Your character and integrity. Your self image. Your relationships. And your goals and dreams.

Here is a quick overview of what youll learn: Part ONE: In Nightingale Conants The Born to Win Seminar, Zig begins with the most important part for creating your most promising future: The foundation.


Through powerful insights and stories that will have you laughing out loud, Zig casts a spotlight on your own integrity, character, and loyalty. On this first day, youll gain firsthand knowledge of how an unshakable character leads directly to wealth, health, and happiness.

Zig says, Whether youre building a life, a marriage, or a career, the foundation is going to determine how big and how successful and how long lasting its going to be.

Then, building on your foundation for success, Zig devotes quite a lot of time to YOU. He uncovers the real secrets that empower you to project the strongest, most confident self image. A gift that will translate into accomplishments you didnt even know were possible.

In helping you to always see yourself in the most positive light, Zig focuses on your self worth. He says, Think of what you would like other people to be like. Then work on yourself to become that type of person.

Part TWO: Zig Ziglar starts the second day of his seminar with more life transforming insights. He knows what makes people happiest in life, and thats having strong, supportive relationships.


As a result of taking Zigs proven advice, your marriage will grow stronger; youll raise confident, respectful children; and youll discover how your relationships at work can help you achieve career and financial prominence.

To close this one of a kind seminar, Zig will hand you the prescription for success with his own proven goal setting plan. Goal setting becomes the most important part of your success. As Zig says, If your image is sound, if your goals are set, if your attitude is right, nobody on the face of this earth can stop you from reaching your dreams.

Zig Ziglar is a foremost authority on succeeding in life. Hes taught hundreds of thousands of people just how to do it. And now through this exclusive seminar, hes ready to teach you as well by using his guiding philosophy…

You can have everything in life you want,
if you will just help enough other people get what they want.
In The Born to Win Seminar, those words become the foundation by which Zig Ziglar helps you to discover your own personal, family, and business successes.

By listening to the audio CDs featuring Zig Ziglars entire weekend seminar and after watching the Born to Win DVDs, you will:

Discover Zigs 13 step plan to achieve your goals. Engage this proven goal achieving system and anything you want health, prosperity, never before considered accomplishments can be yours! PLUS, learn the HIDDEN TRUTH why 97 of us dont set goals.
Follow Zigs Ziglars PROVEN Prescription for Success: These seven simple steps will lead you straight to your dreams every single time!Get the absolute MOST effort from your children, your employees, friends, relatives… everyone who crosses your path. Theyll go that extra mile for you (and maybe ONLY you).
Create your healthiest, most confident self image using Zig Ziglars 25 proven steps. A strong self worth opens the door to new success and opportunities!
Accomplish more in ONE DAY than you used to in THREE, FOUR, FIVE, or even SIX days! I promise its not an exaggeration. Watch your accomplishments soar at work and home using Zigs proven productivity accelerator.
Get the most from your marriage. The secrets of a sound, blissful marriage are baked into a sweet potato. You read that right! Zig Ziglar has been in love with his bride for more than 60 years. He shares how your own relationship can feel like courtship for DECADES! (Butter optional)
Maintain a constant feeling of happiness and control that lasts the WHOLE day with just ONE two minute exercise in the morning. Better than any cup of Joe.
Discover four guaranteed ways to lose weight without diets. It enabled Zig Ziglar to shed 37 pounds and keep it off. Plus, Zig shares proven secrets for enjoying your healthiest life.
Raise highly respectful children who will naturally grow to be successful adults using Zigs proven steps. Believe me, youll be hard pressed to find these family nurturing tips anywhere else. Plus learn the one thing most of us unknowingly do that may hurt our kids





Zig Ziglar – The Born To Win Seminar


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